A library for compiling shader strings into SPIR-V.

Build Artifacts

There are two main shaderc libraries that are created during a CMake compilation. The first is libshaderc, which is a static library containing just the functionality exposed by libshaderc. It depends on other compilation targets glslang, OSDependent, OGLCompiler, shaderc_util, SPIRV, HLSL, SPIRV-Tools, and SPIRV-Tools-opt.

The other is libshaderc_combined, which is a static library containing libshaderc and all of its dependencies.

Integrating libshaderc

There are several ways of integrating libshaderc into external projects.

  1. If the external project uses CMake, then shaderc/CMakeLists.txt can be included into the external project's CMake configuration and shaderc can be used as a link target. This is the simplest way to use libshaderc in an external project.

  2. If the external project uses CMake and is building for Linux or Android, target_link_libraries(shaderc_combined) can instead be specified. This is functionally identical to the previous option.

  3. If the external project does not use CMake, then the external project can instead directly use the generated libraries. shaderc/libshaderc/include should be added to the include path, and build/libshaderc/libshaderc_combined.a should be linked. Note that on some platforms -lpthread should also be specified.

  4. If the external project does not use CMake and cannot use libshaderc_combined, the following libraries or their platform-dependent counterparts should be linked in the order specified.

  • build/libshaderc/libshaderc.a
  • build/third_party/glslang/glslang/glslang.a
  • build/third_party/glslang/glslang/OSDependent/{Platform}/libOSDependent.a
  • build/third_party/glslang/OGLCompilersDLL/libOGLCompiler.a
  • build/third_party/glslang/libglslang.a
  • build/shaderc_util/libshaderc_util.a
  • build/third_party/glslang/SPIRV/libSPIRV.a
  • build/third_party/glslang/hlsl/libHLSL.a
  • build/third_party/spirv-tools/libSPIRV-Tools-opt.a
  • build/third_party/spirv-tools/libSPIRV-Tools.a
  1. If building for Android using the Android NDK, shaderc/ can be included in the application's and LOCAL_STATIC_LIBRARIES:=shaderc can be specified. See shaderc/android_test for an example.