Roll deps & fix tests (#1372)

* Roll deps

Roll third_party/glslang/ 76b52ebf7..2bfacdac9 (28 commits)

$ git log 76b52ebf7..2bfacdac9 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2023-09-22 chirsz Improve preprocessor ouput format
2023-08-17 nathaniel Add --no-link option
2023-09-18 49699333+dependabot[bot] Bump github/codeql-action from 2.21.5 to 2.21.7
2023-09-15 nathaniel Fix segfault with atomic arg check
2023-09-10 rex.xu Use std::variant to represent TSpirvTypeParameter
2023-09-11 90873047+sajjadmirzanv Emit correct nonsemantic debug info for explicitly sized types
2023-09-11 49699333+dependabot[bot] Bump actions/upload-artifact from 3.1.2 to 3.1.3
2023-09-11 49699333+dependabot[bot] Bump actions/checkout from 3.6.0 to 4.0.0
2023-09-11 joycebrum Add license to dependabot.yml
2023-09-11 nathaniel Add a generic texel fetch test
2023-09-08 nathaniel Fix textureOffset overload
2023-08-21 arcady kokoro: explicitly set ENABLE_OPT=0 in cmake builds
2023-08-09 arcady cmake: add more verbose messages if SPIRV-Tools is not found
2023-08-23 nathaniel Use temporary parser for mangled names
2023-08-11 nathaniel Add GL_EXT_texture_shadow_lod support
2023-08-23 ralf.habacker Revert "CMake: Make glslang-default-resource-limits STATIC"
2023-08-29 joycebrum Squashed changes about hash pin and dependabot
2023-08-22 nathaniel Fix ByteAddressBuffer as function parameter
2023-08-21 silverclaw Fix ODR violations
2023-08-23 jeremy Update CHANGES for release 13.0.0
2023-08-21 quic_wooykim extension: GL_QCOM_image_processing support
2023-08-18 joycebrum Add badge to
2023-08-18 joycebrum Create scorecard.yml
2023-08-18 nathaniel Fix CI build badge
2023-08-17 sven.vanhaastregt cmake: Don't link SPVRemapper into glslang executable
2023-08-18 silverclaw [cmake] Use CMake property for symbol visibility
2023-03-03 kasper93 Look for external SPIR-V Tools build, if not building in-tree
2023-07-05 rex.xu Spirv_intrinsics: Remove early return in layoutTypeCheck

Created with:
  roll-dep third_party/glslang

Roll third_party/googletest/ c541e7c11..e47544ad3 (46 commits)

$ git log c541e7c11..e47544ad3 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2023-09-25 absl-team Resolve `-Wundef` triggering on `GTEST_CREATE_SHARED_LIBRARY` and `GTEST_LINKED_AS_SHARED_LIBRARY` with shared libraries in GoogleTest
2023-09-22 absl-team Update C++ feature detection in `gtest-port.h` to rely on feature test macros where possible.
2023-09-21 absl-team Use `absl::HasAbslStringify`, instead of the internal version.
2023-09-21 dinor googletest: Update absl to version with HasAbslStringify
2023-09-21 mitja Fix compile warnings in gmock-function-mocker.h
2023-09-18 absl-team Update code with IWYU annotations.
2023-09-18 absl-team Use the `empty()` method to check for emptiness instead of `length()`
2023-09-14 hirshleifer GoogleTest FAQ: minor punctuation fixes
2023-09-14 hirshleifer Remove Googletest FAQ entry for obsolete `ProtocolMessageEquals` and `ProtocolMessageEquiv`
2023-09-03 tanzinul.islam Count threads after thread-creation while still holding mutex lock
2023-08-26 tanzinul.islam Reuse TempDir() function
2023-08-25 dinor googletest: Add universal printer for `std::span`
2023-08-22 sch changed http to https
2023-08-22 dinor googletest: Replace http with https in links to docs
2023-08-21 dmauro CI: Update the Linux hybrid-latest docker container used for testing
2023-08-21 absl-team Clean up typos: Exhaused => Exhausted
2023-08-20 elior.s Update
2023-08-18 tanzinul.islam Prefer $TMPDIR to /data/local/tmp on Android
2023-08-17 absl-team Improve error message for invalid parameterized test names.
2023-07-26 patryk googletest: ansi color fix
2023-08-15 dinor gtest_help_test: Make method names `snake_case`, conforming with [the style guide](
2023-08-15 dinor gtest_help_test: Inline test helper functions
2023-08-15 dinor gtest_help_test: Delete obsolete helper `TestUnknownFlagWithAbseil`
2023-08-11 sch Changed 2 public links from http to https
2023-08-11 sch Changed 3 public links from http to https
2023-08-11 sch Changed 2 public links from http to https
2023-08-11 sch Changed 3 public links from http to https
2023-08-10 absl-team Specify SetUpTestSuite is required to be public.
2023-08-07 yaneurabeya Fix RETest/1.ImplicitConstructorWorks on non-ABSL platforms
2023-08-07 yaneurabeya Fix GTestHelpTest.TestHelpFlag on FreeBSD
2023-08-07 dinor Make references to `#include`s consistent across docs
2023-08-03 elliotgoodrich Remove public includes of `<iomanip>`
2023-08-02 robert.shade Avoid unreachable code warning
2023-08-02 dmauro Update documentation to refer to v1.14
2023-08-02 dmauro Bump version to v1.14 in preparation for release
2023-08-02 dmauro Remove the GTEST_HAS_DOWNCAST_ customization point.
2023-08-02 dmauro Add googletest-message-test to the Bazel tests It appears to have been unintentionally left out
2023-08-01 phoebeliang Make testing::Message support streamed AbslStringify values
2023-08-01 dmauro Update GoogleTest dependencies
2023-07-27 julien.combattelli Use #if and not #ifdef to check filesystem support
2023-07-28 absl-team Adjust includes to use <> instead of "", consistent with quickstart pages.
2023-07-27 patryk gtest: Supress warning about set unused variable
2023-07-21 absl-team Make `AbslStringify` usage public in GoogleTest
2023-07-19 dmauro Remove unused cast implementation
2023-07-19 antsosnin Fix typo in
2023-07-11 kim.valen Fixed variables that could be declared 'const'

Created with:
  roll-dep third_party/googletest

Roll third_party/spirv-headers/ 124a9665e..79743b899 (9 commits)

$ git log 124a9665e..79743b899 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2023-09-20 fwahlster Add LiteralFloat to operand_kinds (#380)
2023-09-20 40001162+alelenv Add headers for SPV_NV_displacement_micromap. (#374)
2023-09-20 fwahlster remove additional version "1.0" from SecondaryViewportRelativeNV (#379)
2023-09-13 gleese Remove Kernel from ConstantSampler enum values (#378)
2023-09-13 andrzej.ratajewski Add SPV_INTEL_cache_controls extension support (#376)
2023-08-23 dneto Validate enums have sensible versions and are visible (#369)
2023-08-16 viktoria.maksimova Headers support for two Intel extensions (#356)
2023-08-10 dneto Revert "Merge pull request #367 from dneto0/coop-matrix-enums-deps"
2023-07-29 konstantin.seurer Add SPV_AMDX_shader_enqueue

Created with:
  roll-dep third_party/spirv-headers

Roll third_party/spirv-tools/ 8e3da01b4..27673a054 (37 commits)

$ git log 8e3da01b4..27673a054 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2023-09-26 stevenperron Remove reviewer from autoroller (#5414)
2023-09-20 jeremyg instrument: Use Import linkage for instrumentation functions (#5355)
2023-09-20 stevenperron roll deps (#5408)
2023-09-13 dneto Update SPIRV-Headers, add cache control operand kinds (#5406)
2023-09-11 stevenperron Change autoroll pr review id (#5404)
2023-09-11 andre Check for git repository before git commands (#5403)
2023-09-11 cbeckley Make sure that fragment shader interlock instructions are not removed by DCE (#5400)
2023-09-11 41898282+github-actions[bot] Roll external/re2/ e0077036c..a807e8a3a (6 commits) (#5401)
2023-09-07 brioche val: re-add ImageMSArray validation (#5394)
2023-09-06 stevenperron Add SPV_KHR_physical_storage_buffer to allowlists (#5402)
2023-09-05 stevenperron Fix `AddMemberDecoration` variable names. (#5399)
2023-09-05 brioche opt: add ImageMSArray capability to trim pass. (#5395)
2023-09-05 cbeckley Add SPV_EXT_fragment_shader_interlock to allow lists (#5393)
2023-09-05 brioche opt: add raytracing/rayquery to trim pass (#5397)
2023-09-05 41898282+github-actions[bot] Roll external/re2/ 523f9b097..e0077036c (2 commits) (#5391)
2023-09-05 brioche opt: add Int64 capability to trim pass (#5398)
2023-09-04 brioche NFC: rename tests using capability as prefix (#5396)
2023-09-04 cbeckley opt: add FragmentShader*InterlockEXT to capability trim pass (#5390)
2023-08-30 74101708+mgorchak-blackberry QNX has support for ANSI ESC codes, default terminal is QANSI. (#5387)
2023-08-30 joycebrum Enable OpenSSF Scorecard and Badge (#5377)
2023-08-30 41898282+github-actions[bot] Roll external/re2/ 73031bbc0..523f9b097 (1 commit) (#5389)
2023-08-29 41898282+github-actions[bot] Roll external/googletest/ 460ae9826..8a6feabf0 (1 commit) (#5388)
2023-08-24 41898282+github-actions[bot] roll deps (#5386)
2023-08-23 41898282+github-actions[bot] roll deps (#5384)
2023-08-22 41898282+github-actions[bot] Roll external/googletest/ 9fce54804..61332bd7e (2 commits) (#5383)
2023-08-21 jeremyg opt: Add SwitchDescriptorSetPass (#5375)
2023-08-21 jeremyg linker: Add --use-highest-version option (#5376)
2023-08-19 41898282+github-actions[bot] roll deps (#5382)
2023-08-16 41898282+github-actions[bot] Roll external/googletest/ 7e33b6a1c..987e22561 (5 commits) (#5381)
2023-08-15 quic_wooykim SPV_QCOM_image_processing support (#5223)
2023-08-15 stevenperron Fix failing action when PR is already open. (#5380)
2023-08-15 brioche opt: add bitmask support for capability trimming (#5372)
2023-08-14 41898282+github-actions[bot] Roll external/re2/ 9dc7ae7b5..6148386f0 (3 commits) (#5379)
2023-08-11 viktoria.maksimova Support 2 Intel extensions (#5357)
2023-08-11 41898282+github-actions[bot] roll deps (#5374)
2023-08-10 rharrison Fix -Wunreachable-code-loop-increment warning (#5373)
2023-08-10 brioche enable StorageUniform16 (#5371)

Created with:
  roll-dep third_party/spirv-tools

* Fix expected preprocessing output

It seems like glslang changed the output from the preprocess to output
an extra space that needs to be accounted for.
7 files changed
tree: 886478bf33f24d33a0efc064a580890397872264
  1. .github/
  2. android_test/
  3. build_overrides/
  4. cmake/
  5. examples/
  6. glslc/
  7. kokoro/
  8. libshaderc/
  9. libshaderc_util/
  10. third_party/
  11. utils/
  12. .clang-format
  13. .gitignore
  18. CMakeLists.txt
  21. DEPS
  23. Dockerfile
  26. license-checker.cfg


A collection of tools, libraries and tests for shader compilation. At the moment it includes:

  • glslc, a command line compiler for GLSL/HLSL to SPIR-V, and
  • libshaderc, a library API for accessing glslc functionality.

Note: The fact that that libshaderc is not named libshaderc_glslc is a quirk of history, and a known inconsistency. Changing it would require a significant amount of renaming and breaking of downstream projects, so it is being left as is.

glslc wraps around core functionality in glslang and SPIRV-Tools. glslc and its library aims to to provide:

  • a command line compiler with GCC- and Clang-like usage, for better integration with build systems
  • an API where functionality can be added without breaking existing clients
  • an API supporting standard concurrency patterns across multiple operating systems
  • increased functionality such as file #include support


Note: These binaries are just the artifacts of the builders and have not undergone any QA, thus they should be considered unsupported.

Linux Build Status MacOS Build Status Windows Build Status

More downloads


Shaderc has maintained backward compatibility for quite some time, and we don't anticipate any breaking changes. Ongoing enhancements are described in the CHANGES file.

Shaderc has been shipping in the Android NDK since version r12b. (The NDK build uses sources from Those repos are downstream from GitHub.) We currently require r25c.

For licensing terms, please see the LICENSE file. If interested in contributing to this project, please see

This is not an official Google product (experimental or otherwise), it is just code that happens to be owned by Google. That may change if Shaderc gains contributions from others. See the file for more information. See also the AUTHORS and CONTRIBUTORS files.

File organization

  • android_test/ : a small Android application to verify compilation
  • cmake/: CMake utility functions and configuration for Shaderc
  • examples/: Example programs
  • glslc/: an executable to compile GLSL to SPIR-V
  • libshaderc/: a library for compiling shader strings into SPIR-V
  • libshaderc_util/: a utility library used by multiple shaderc components
  • third_party/: third party open source packages; see below
  • utils/: utility scripts for Shaderc

Shaderc depends on glslang, the Khronos reference compiler for GLSL.

Shaderc depends on SPIRV-Tools for assembling, disassembling, and transforming SPIR-V binaries.

For testing, Shaderc depends on: | Library | URL | Description | | -- | -- | -- | | Googletest | | Testing framework | | Effcee | | Stateful pattern matcher inspired by LLVM's FileCheck | | RE2 | | Regular expression matcher | | Abseil | | Common basic utilities in C++ |

In the following sections, $SOURCE_DIR is the directory you intend to clone Shaderc into.

Getting and building Shaderc

If you only want prebuilt executables or libraries, see the Downloads section.

The rest of this section describes how to build Shaderc from sources.

Note: Shaderc assumes Glslang supports HLSL compilation. The instructions below assume you‘re building Glslang from sources, and in a subtree of shaderc/third_party. In that scenario, Glslang’s HLSL support is automatically enabled. Shaderc also can be built using a Glslang from outside the shaderc/third_party tree. In that case you must ensure that that external Glslang is built with HLSL functionality. See Glslang's ENABLE_HLSL CMake setting.)

  1. Check out the source code:
git clone $SOURCE_DIR

Note: The known-good branch of the repository contains a known_good.json file describing a set of repo URLs and specific commits that have been tested together. This information is updated periodically, and typically matches the latest update of these sources in the development branch of the Android NDK. The known-good branch also contains a script that will read the JSON file and checkout those specific commits for you.

  1. Ensure you have the requisite tools -- see the tools subsection below.

  2. Decide where to place the build output. In the following steps, we'll call it $BUILD_DIR. Any new directory should work. We recommend building outside the source tree, but it is also common to build in a (new) subdirectory of $SOURCE_DIR, such as $SOURCE_DIR/build.

4a) Build (and test) with Ninja on Linux or Windows:

cmake -GNinja -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE={Debug|Release|RelWithDebInfo} $SOURCE_DIR
ctest # optional

4b) Or build (and test) with MSVC on Windows:

cmake --build . --config {Release|Debug|MinSizeRel|RelWithDebInfo}
ctest -C {Release|Debug|MinSizeRel|RelWithDebInfo}

4c) Or build with MinGW on Linux for Windows:

cmake -GNinja -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE={Debug|Release|RelWithDebInfo} $SOURCE_DIR \

After a successful build, you should have a glslc executable somewhere under the $BUILD_DIR/glslc/ directory, as well as a libshaderc library somewhere under the $BUILD_DIR/libshaderc/ directory.

The default behavior on MSVC is to link with the static CRT. If you would like to change this behavior -DSHADERC_ENABLE_SHARED_CRT may be passed on the cmake configure line.

See the libshaderc README for more on using the library API in your project.

Tools you'll need

For building, testing, and profiling Shaderc, the following tools should be installed regardless of your OS:

  • A C++17 compiler. Recent versions of Clang, GCC, and MSVC work.
  • CMake 3.14 or later: for generating compilation targets.
    • Shaderc is tested with cmake 3.17.2
  • Python 3: for utility scripts and running the test suite.

On Linux, if cross compiling to Windows:

  • mingw: A GCC-based cross compiler targeting Windows so that generated executables use the Microsoft C runtime libraries. The MinGW compiler must support C++17.

On Windows, the following tools should be installed and available on your path:

  • Visual Studio 2017 or later. Previous versions of Visual Studio may work but are untested and unsupported.
  • Git - including the associated tools, Bash, diff.

Optionally, the following tools may be installed on any OS:

Building and running Shaderc using Docker

Please make sure you have the Docker engine installed on your machine.

To create a Docker image containing Shaderc command line tools, issue the following command in ${SOURCE_DIR}: docker build -t <IMAGE-NAME> .. The created image will have all the command line tools installed at /usr/local internally, and a data volume mounted at /code.

Assume <IMAGE-NAME> is shaderc/shaderc from now on.

To invoke a tool from the above created image in a Docker container:

docker run shaderc/shaderc glslc --version

Alternatively, you can mount a host directory (e.g., example) containing the shaders you want to manipulate and run different kinds of tools via an interactive shell in the container:

$ docker run -i -t -v `pwd`/example:/code shaderc/shaderc
/code $ ls
/code $ glslc -c -o - test.vert | spirv-dis

Bug tracking

We track bugs using GitHub -- click on the “Issues” button on the project's GitHub page.


Bindings are maintained by third parties, may contain content offered under a different license, and may reference or contain older versions of Shaderc and its dependencies.