feat(all): auto-regenerate .pb.go files

This is an auto-generated regeneration of the .pb.go files by
cloud.google.com/go/internal/gapicgen. Once this PR is submitted, genbot will
update the corresponding PR to depend on the newer version of go-genproto, and
assign reviewers. Whilst this or any regen PR is open in go-genproto, genbot
will not create any more regeneration PRs. If all regen PRs are closed,
gapicgen will create a new set of regeneration PRs once per night.

If you have been assigned to review this PR, please:

- Ensure that CI is passing. If it's failing, it requires your manual attention.
- Approve and submit this PR if you believe it's ready to ship. That will prompt
genbot to assign reviewers to the google-cloud-go PR.

Corresponding google-cloud-go PR: googleapis/google-cloud-go#3171

- feat: Add Service Directory v1 protos and configs

  PiperOrigin-RevId: 341411620
  Source-Link: https://github.com/googleapis/googleapis/commit/89c42ee2c47e5ac35645348be2926ee784ae0110

- feat!(spanner/admin/database): Update BUILD.bazel for spanner to use latest-gen python code generator.
  - Generated code no longer supports Python 2.7

  PiperOrigin-RevId: 341320404
  Source-Link: https://github.com/googleapis/googleapis/commit/3ad55bd69fcfcd011d81c05fb6dc7346275bcda4

- chore: Set namespaces for Ruby clients

  PiperOrigin-RevId: 341251725
  Source-Link: https://github.com/googleapis/googleapis/commit/ff291040cf25a594334a2c87f7b4b98945056305

- build(area120/tables): set package name

  PiperOrigin-RevId: 341146950
  Source-Link: https://github.com/googleapis/googleapis/commit/5359df5297982d551ac5dcc20c8a29de04c70090

- chore: Set namespaces for Ruby, PHP, and C# clients

  PiperOrigin-RevId: 341139481
  Source-Link: https://github.com/googleapis/googleapis/commit/04514253a93d1cfbc20f39a35786bb5349c1921d

- fix: do not modify options object, use defaultScopes
  docs: regenerated jsdoc comments with examples
  build: use gapic-generator-typescript v1.2.1

  Note: these change require google-gax "^2.9.2". @alexander-fenster will make sure the google-gax version is bumped across libraries.
  PiperOrigin-RevId: 341102751
  Source-Link: https://github.com/googleapis/googleapis/commit/b759c563bacf9cd15749be4d2bdd276d3f48ee29

- build(nodejs): provide package_name hint to npm

  PiperOrigin-RevId: 341082612
  Source-Link: https://github.com/googleapis/googleapis/commit/1e0efcfe771de158a7845ac9fe0d63c7f1248779

- chore(analytics/data): use python microgenerator for analytics and billing budgtes

  PiperOrigin-RevId: 341060773
  Source-Link: https://github.com/googleapis/googleapis/commit/b036c69138b0cfde4e97bc4c9cf88959a1a8bf91

- fix(analytics/admin): 'requests' field of CreateUserLink, UpdateUserLink, DeleteUserLink methods is now required
  docs: minor documentation updates

  PiperOrigin-RevId: 340922897
  Source-Link: https://github.com/googleapis/googleapis/commit/b365fff50d84fbe03ea16d02cc73d72fa1fc864d
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Go generated proto packages


go get google.golang.org/genproto/...

IMPORTANT This repository is currently experimental. The structure of the contained packages is subject to change. Please see the original source repositories (listed below) to find out the status of the each protocol buffer's associated service.

This repository contains the generated Go packages for common protocol buffer types, and the generated gRPC code necessary for interacting with Google's gRPC APIs.

The sources for the proto files used in this repository:

  • googleapis/googleapis: the code in the googleapis is derived from this repo. The packages here contain types specifically for interacting with Google APIs.

Historically, the packages in the protobuf directory used to contain generated code for certain well-known types hosted by google/protobuf. These types are now hosted by the google.golang.org/protobuf module and type aliases are used to forward declarations in this module over to declarations in the protobuf module.