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  1. 6dof_controller/
  3. controller/
  4. panoramas/
  5. videos/

Sample VR media

The controller directory contains a model of the Daydream Controller.

The 6dof_controller directory contains a model of the Daydream 6DOF Controller.

The panoramas directory contains sample 360 images. See the javadoc for sdk-simplepanowidget's SimpleVrPanoramaActivity class for information on how to view these videos.

  • testRoom1_2kMono.jpg is a 2k x 1k equirectangular projection of the inside of a sphere with heavy, medium, and light gridlines at 90, 15, and 5 degrees, respectively. The red, green, and blue objects are aligned with the x, y, and z axes, respectively.

  • testRoom1_2kStereo.jpg is a 2k x 2k top-bottom stereo version of testRoom1_2kMono.jpg.

The videos directory contains sample videos. See the javadoc for sdk-simplevideowidget's SimpleVrVideoActivity class for information on how to view these videos.

  • testRoom1_1920Mono.mp4 is similar to testRoom1_2kMono.jpg with a moving sphere & cylinder revolving around the camera at 1 degree per frame and 30 fps. It has 360 metadata using the python script described at and --stereo=none. It is only 1920x960 because some devices don't support resolutions higher than 1920x1080.

  • testRoom1_1080Stereo.mp4 is similar to testRoom1_1080Mono.mp4 but is stereo with --stereo=top-bottom. It is 1080x1080 because some devices don't support higher resolutions. Alternatively, a 1920x1080 video could have been used, but this would result in 1920x540 per eye which results in a noticeable difference in horizontal and vertical distortion when resized to a 2:1 equirectangular projection due to the sharp horizontal and vertical lines.

  • There are other video files in the assets directory of sdk-simplevideowidget.