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Gorilla WebSocket

Gorilla WebSocket is a Go implementation of the WebSocket protocol.

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The Gorilla WebSocket package provides a complete and tested implementation of the WebSocket protocol. The package API is stable.


go get

Protocol Compliance

The Gorilla WebSocket package passes the server tests in the Autobahn Test Suite using the application in the examples/autobahn subdirectory.

Gorilla WebSocket compared with other packages


  1. Large messages are fragmented in Chrome's new WebSocket implementation.
  2. The application can get the type of a received data message by implementing a Codec marshal function.
  3. The io.Reader and io.Writer operate across WebSocket frame boundaries. Read returns when the input buffer is full or a frame boundary is encountered. Each call to Write sends a single frame message. The Gorilla io.Reader and io.WriteCloser operate on a single WebSocket message.