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  1. 3f94329 wgsl: Move AF `fract` execution tests using f32 intervals (#3664) by Ryan Harrison · 10 hours ago main
  2. 11efd3b Enumerant type validation tests (#3662) by alan-baker · 13 hours ago
  3. d001fb9 wgsl: Test atomic builtins with non-atomic types (#3661) by James Price · 13 hours ago
  4. 12510b2 Test validation of increment and decrement statements. (#3658) by David Neto · 15 hours ago
  5. 507a101 wgsl: Validation of ldexp builtin function (#3615) by Brandon Jones · 15 hours ago

WebGPU Conformance Test Suite

This is the conformance test suite for WebGPU. It tests the behaviors defined by the WebGPU specification.

The contents of this test suite are considered normative; implementations must pass them to be WebGPU-conformant. Mismatches between the specification and tests are bugs.

This test suite can be embedded inside WPT or run in standalone.

Launch the standalone CTS runner / test plan viewer


Please read the introductory guidelines before contributing. Other documentation may be found in docs/ and in the helper index (source).

Read on licensing.

For realtime communication about WebGPU spec and test, join the room on Matrix.