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gRPC in 3 minutes (C++)


To install gRPC on your system, follow the instructions to build from source here. This also installs the protocol buffer compiler protoc (if you don't have it already), and the C++ gRPC plugin for protoc.

Hello C++ gRPC!

Here's how to build and run the C++ implementation of the Hello World example used in Getting started.

Client and server implementations

The client implementation is at

The server implementation is at

Try it!

Build client and server:

$ make

Run the server, which will listen on port 50051:

$ ./greeter_server

Run the client (in a different terminal):

$ ./greeter_client

If things go smoothly, you will see the “Greeter received: Hello world” in the client side output.


You can find a more detailed tutorial in gRPC Basics: C++