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* Copyright 2015 gRPC authors.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <grpc/support/port_platform.h>
#include <grpc/support/sync.h>
#include <grpc/support/time.h>
#include "src/core/lib/iomgr/exec_ctx.h"
extern grpc_core::DebugOnlyTraceFlag grpc_trace_fd_refcount;
/* A grpc_pollset is a set of file descriptors that a higher level item is
interested in. For example:
- a server will typically keep a pollset containing all connected channels,
so that it can find new calls to service
- a completion queue might keep a pollset with an entry for each transport
that is servicing a call that it's tracking */
typedef struct grpc_pollset grpc_pollset;
typedef struct grpc_pollset_worker grpc_pollset_worker;
typedef struct grpc_pollset_vtable {
void (*global_init)(void);
void (*global_shutdown)(void);
void (*init)(grpc_pollset* pollset, gpr_mu** mu);
void (*shutdown)(grpc_pollset* pollset, grpc_closure* closure);
void (*destroy)(grpc_pollset* pollset);
grpc_error_handle (*work)(grpc_pollset* pollset, grpc_pollset_worker** worker,
grpc_core::Timestamp deadline);
grpc_error_handle (*kick)(grpc_pollset* pollset,
grpc_pollset_worker* specific_worker);
size_t (*pollset_size)(void);
} grpc_pollset_vtable;
void grpc_set_pollset_vtable(grpc_pollset_vtable* vtable);
void grpc_pollset_global_init(void);
void grpc_pollset_global_shutdown(void);
size_t grpc_pollset_size(void);
/* Initialize a pollset: assumes *pollset contains all zeros */
void grpc_pollset_init(grpc_pollset* pollset, gpr_mu** mu);
/* Begin shutting down the pollset, and call closure when done.
* pollset's mutex must be held */
void grpc_pollset_shutdown(grpc_pollset* pollset, grpc_closure* closure);
void grpc_pollset_destroy(grpc_pollset* pollset);
/* Do some work on a pollset.
May involve invoking asynchronous callbacks, or actually polling file
Requires pollset's mutex locked.
May unlock its mutex during its execution.
worker is a (platform-specific) handle that can be used to wake up
from grpc_pollset_work before any events are received and before the timeout
has expired. It is both initialized and destroyed by grpc_pollset_work.
Initialization of worker is guaranteed to occur BEFORE the
pollset's mutex is released for the first time by grpc_pollset_work
and it is guaranteed that it will not be released by grpc_pollset_work
AFTER worker has been destroyed.
It's legal for worker to be NULL: in that case, this specific thread can not
be directly woken with a kick, but maybe be indirectly (with a kick against
the pollset as a whole).
Tries not to block past deadline.
May call grpc_closure_list_run on grpc_closure_list, without holding the
lock */
grpc_error_handle grpc_pollset_work(
grpc_pollset* pollset, grpc_pollset_worker** worker,
grpc_core::Timestamp deadline) GRPC_MUST_USE_RESULT;
/* Break one polling thread out of polling work for this pollset.
If specific_worker is non-NULL, then kick that worker. */
grpc_error_handle grpc_pollset_kick(grpc_pollset* pollset,
grpc_pollset_worker* specific_worker)