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Protocol Buffers

This folder contains protocol buffers provided with gRPC ruby, and the generated code to them.


The code is generated using the protoc (> 3.0.0.alpha.1) and the grpc_ruby_plugin. These must be installed to regenerate the IDL defined classes, but that's not necessary just to use them.


This package defines the surface of a simple health check service that gRPC servers may choose to implement, and provides an implementation for it. To re-generate the surface.

$ # (from this directory)
$ protoc -I ../../proto ../../proto/grpc/health/v1/health.proto \
    --grpc_out=. \
    --ruby_out=. \
    --plugin=protoc-gen-grpc=`which grpc_ruby_plugin`


This package defines the surface of the gRPC interop test service and client To re-generate the surface, it's necessary to have checked-out versions of the grpc interop test proto, e.g, by having the full gRPC repository. E.g,

$ # (from this directory within the grpc repo)
$ protoc -I../../.. ../../../test/proto/{messages,test,empty}.proto \
    --grpc_out=. \
    --ruby_out=. \
    --plugin=protoc-gen-grpc=`which grpc_ruby_plugin`