gRPC in 3 minutes (Python)


For this sample, we‘ve already generated the server and client stubs from helloworld.proto and we’ll be using a specific reference platform.

Install gRPC:

  $ pip install grpcio

Or, to install it system wide:

  $ sudo pip install grpcio

If you're on Windows, make sure you installed the pip.exe component when you installed Python. Invoke as above but with pip.exe instead of pip (you may also need to invoke from a cmd.exe ran as administrator):

  $ pip.exe install grpcio

Download the example

  $ # Clone the repository to get the example code:
  $ git clone
  $ # Navigate to the "hello, world" Python example:
  $ cd grpc/examples/python/helloworld

Try it!

  • Run the server

    $ python2.7 &
  • Run the client

    $ python2.7


You can find a more detailed tutorial in gRPC Basics: Python