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Nuget gRPC C#

A C# implementation of gRPC.


  • .NET Core on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X
  • .NET Framework 4.5+ (Windows)
  • Mono 4+ on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X


When using gRPC C# under .NET Core you only need to install .NET Core.

In addition to that, you can also use gRPC C# with these runtimes / IDEs

  • Windows: .NET Framework 4.5+, Visual Studio 2013, 2015, 2017, Visual Studio Code
  • Linux: Mono 4+, Visual Studio Code, MonoDevelop 5.9+
  • Mac OS X: Mono 4+, Visual Studio Code, Xamarin Studio 5.9+


Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

  • Open Visual Studio / MonoDevelop / Xamarin Studio and start a new project/solution (alternatively, you can create a new project from command line with dotnet SDK)

  • Add the Grpc NuGet package as a dependency (Project options -> Manage NuGet Packages).

  • To be able to generate code from Protocol Buffer (.proto) file definitions, add the Grpc.Tools NuGet package that contains Protocol Buffers compiler (protoc) and the gRPC protoc plugin.

Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS (Experimental only)

See Experimentally supported platforms for instructions.

Unity (Experimental only)

See Experimentally supported platforms for instructions.


In production, you should use officially released stable packages available on, but if you want to test the newest upstream bug fixes and features early, you can can use the development nuget feed where new nuget builds are uploaded nightly.

Feed URL (NuGet v2):

Feed URL (NuGet v3):

The same development nuget packages and packages for other languages can also be found at


You only need to go through these steps if you are planning to develop gRPC C#. If you are a user of gRPC C#, go to Usage section above.

Prerequisites for contributors

Windows, Linux or Mac OS X

  • The easiest way to build is using the script that will take care of building the grpc_csharp_ext native library.

    # NOTE: make sure all necessary git submodules with dependencies 
    # are available by running "git submodule update --init"
    # from the gRPC repository root
    $ python tools/run_tests/ -l csharp -c dbg --build_only
  • Use Visual Studio 2017 (on Windows) to open the solution Grpc.sln or use Visual Studio Code with C# extension (on Linux and Mac). gRPC C# code has been migrated to dotnet SDK .csproj projects that are much simpler to maintain, but are not yet supported by Xamarin Studio or Monodevelop (the NuGet packages still support both net45 and netstandard and can be used in all IDEs).


gRPC C# is using NUnit as the testing framework.

Under Visual Studio, make sure NUnit test adapter is installed (under “Extensions and Updates”). Then you should be able to run all the tests using Test Explorer.

gRPC team uses a Python script to facilitate running tests for different languages.

# from the gRPC repository root
$ python tools/run_tests/ -l csharp -c dbg



For best gRPC C# performance, use .NET Core and the Server GC mode "System.GC.Server": true for your applications.


Internally, gRPC C# uses a native library written in C (gRPC C core) and invokes its functionality via P/Invoke. The fact that a native library is used should be fully transparent to the users and just installing the Grpc.Core NuGet package is the only step needed to use gRPC C# on all supported platforms.