Build and Test

meson build
ninja -Cbuild
meson test -Cbuild

Debug with GDB

meson test -Cbuild --gdb testname

Build and Run

Depending on what area you are working in change or add HB_DEBUG_<whatever>. Values defined in hb-debug.hh.

CPPFLAGS='-DHB_DEBUG_SUBSET=100' meson setup build --reconfigure
meson test -C build

Run tests with asan

meson setup build -Db_sanitize=address --reconfigure
meson compile -C build
meson test -C build

Enable Debug Logging

CPPFLAGS=-DHB_DEBUG_SUBSET=100 meson build --reconfigure
ninja -C build

Test with the Fuzzer

FOr fuzzing, see test/fuzzing/


For profiling, see perf/