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#!/usr/bin/env python
from __future__ import print_function, division, absolute_import
import sys, os, subprocess, tempfile, threading
def which (program):
def is_exe (fpath):
return os.path.isfile (fpath) and os.access (fpath, os.X_OK)
fpath, _ = os.path.split (program)
if fpath:
if is_exe (program):
return program
for path in os.environ["PATH"].split (os.pathsep):
exe_file = os.path.join (path, program)
if is_exe (exe_file):
return exe_file
return None
def cmd (command):
with tempfile.TemporaryFile () as tempf:
p = subprocess.Popen (command, stderr=tempf)
is_killed = {'value': False}
def timeout (p, is_killed):
is_killed['value'] = True
p.kill ()
timeout_seconds = int (os.environ.get ("HB_TEST_SHAPE_FUZZER_TIMEOUT", "2"))
timer = threading.Timer (timeout_seconds, timeout, [p, is_killed])
p.wait () (0)
text = ()
#TODO: Detect debug mode with a better way
is_debug_mode = b"SANITIZE" in text
text = "" if is_debug_mode else text.decode ("utf-8").strip ()
returncode = p.returncode
if is_killed['value']:
text = 'error: timeout, ' + text
returncode = 1
return text, returncode
srcdir = os.environ.get ("srcdir", ".")
EXEEXT = os.environ.get ("EXEEXT", "")
top_builddir = os.environ.get ("top_builddir", ".")
hb_shape_fuzzer = os.path.join (top_builddir, "hb-shape-fuzzer" + EXEEXT)
if not os.path.exists (hb_shape_fuzzer):
if len (sys.argv) == 1 or not os.path.exists (sys.argv[1]):
print ("""Failed to find hb-shape-fuzzer binary automatically,
please provide it as the first argument to the tool""")
sys.exit (1)
hb_shape_fuzzer = sys.argv[1]
print ('hb_shape_fuzzer:', hb_shape_fuzzer)
fails = 0
libtool = os.environ.get ('LIBTOOL')
valgrind = None
if os.environ.get ('RUN_VALGRIND', ''):
valgrind = which ('valgrind')
if valgrind is None:
print ("""Valgrind requested but not found.""")
sys.exit (1)
if libtool is None:
print ("""Valgrind support is currently autotools only and needs libtool but not found.""")
parent_path = os.path.join (srcdir, "fonts")
for file in os.listdir (parent_path):
path = os.path.join (parent_path, file)
if valgrind:
text, returncode = cmd (libtool.split(' ') + ['--mode=execute', valgrind + ' --leak-check=full --error-exitcode=1', '--', hb_shape_fuzzer, path])
text, returncode = cmd ([hb_shape_fuzzer, path])
if 'error' in text:
returncode = 1
if (not valgrind or returncode) and text.strip ():
print (text)
if returncode != 0:
print ('failure on %s' % file)
fails = fails + 1
if fails:
print ("%i shape fuzzer related tests failed." % fails)
sys.exit (1)