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<title>WebXR - Samples</title>
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<a href='./' class='selected'>Samples</a>
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<h1><a href='' class='wordmark'><span>WebXR</span></a></h1>
<h2 class='tagline'>Sample Pages</h2>
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<p>Sample pages demonstrating how to use various aspects of the WebXR API.<br/>
<a href="explainer.html">Learn More</a></p>
let pages = [
{ title: 'XR Presentation', category: 'Basics',
path: 'xr-presentation.html',
description: 'Demonstrates how to present a simple WebGL scene to a XRDevice.' },
{ title: 'Mirroring', category: 'Basics',
path: 'mirroring.html',
description: 'Demonstrates how to mirroring exclusive session content to a canvas.' },
{ title: 'Magic Window', category: 'Basics',
path: 'magic-window.html',
description: 'Demonstrates use of a non-exclusive XRSession to present "Magic Window" content.' },
{ title: 'Fallback Rendering', category: 'Basics',
path: 'fallback-rendering.html',
description: 'Demonstrates a way to fallback to rendering the scene when WebXR isn\'t available..' },
{ tag: 'hr' },
{ tag: 'br' },
{ title: 'Reduced-Bind Rendering', category: 'Performance',
path: 'reduced-bind-rendering.html',
description: 'Demonstrates a technique to reduce the number of state changes made while rendering.' },
{ title: 'Room Scale', category: 'Basics',
path: 'room-scale.html',
description: 'Demonstrates using a "stage" frame of reference to provide room scale tracking.' },
{ title: 'Input Tracking', category: 'Input',
path: 'input-tracking.html',
description: 'Demonstrates basic tracking and rendering of XRInputSources.'},
{ title: 'Input Selection', category: 'Input',
path: 'input-selection.html',
description: 'Demonstrates handling \'select\' events generated by XRInputSources.'},
{ title: 'Framebuffer Scaling', category: 'Performance',
path: 'framebuffer-scaling.html',
description: 'Demonstrates scaling a layer\'s framebuffer to statically control performance or quality.' },
{ title: 'Viewport Scaling', category: 'Performance',
path: 'viewport-scaling.html',
description: 'Demonstrates scaling a layer\'s viewports to dynamically control performance or quality.' },
{ title: '360 Stereo Photos', category: 'Content',
path: '360-photos.html',
description: 'Demonstrates displaying a 360 degree equirectangular stereo photo.' },
{ title: 'Stereo Video', category: 'Content',
path: 'stereo-video.html',
description: 'Demonstrates playing stereo videos.' },
{ title: 'Positional Audio', category: 'Content',
path: 'positional-audio.html',
description: 'Demonstrates playing audio that sounds as if it originates at a specific point in the space.' },
{ title: 'Spectator Mode', category: 'Advanced Techniques',
path: 'spectator-mode.html',
description: 'Demonstrates rendering a 3rd person view of the scene to an external monitor.' },
{ tag: 'hr' },
{ tag: 'br' },
{ title: 'Barebones', category: 'WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN',
path: 'xr-barebones.html',
description: 'Extremely simple use of WebXR with no library dependencies. Doesn\'t render anything exciting.' },
let mainElement = document.getElementById("main");
// Append an element for every item in the pages list.
for (var i = 0; i < pages.length; ++i) {
var page = pages[i];
if (page.tag) {
let article = document.createElement('article');
let title = document.createElement('h3');
title.setAttribute('data-index', i + 1);
let titleLink = document.createElement('a');
titleLink.href = page.path;
titleLink.innerHTML = page.title;
let category = document.createElement('h4');
category.innerHTML = page.category;
let description = document.createElement('p');
description.innerHTML = page.description;
let links = document.createElement('div');
let liveLink = document.createElement('a');
liveLink.href = page.path;
liveLink.innerHTML = 'Open';
let polyfillLink = document.createElement('a');
polyfillLink.href = page.path + '?allowPolyfill=1';
polyfillLink.innerHTML = 'Open with Polyfill';
let sourceLink = document.createElement('a');
sourceLink.href = '' + page.path;
sourceLink.innerHTML = 'Source';
<p>Models used in these samples come from <a href="">Poly</a>, and many were modeled in <a href="">Blocks</a>.<br/>
They a stored and loaded using the <a href="">glTF 2.0 format</a>.<br/>
Attribution for individual models can be found under the <a href="">media/gltf</a> folders for this repository.</p>
<h3><a class='github-link' href=''>View samples source on GitHub</a></h3>
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