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<title>TinyCBOR 0.5.2 API: CborValue Struct Reference</title>
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<div class="title">CborValue Struct Reference<div class="ingroups"><a class="el" href="a00047.html">Parsing CBOR streams</a></div></div> </div>
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<p>This type contains one value parsed from the CBOR stream.
<a href="a00065.html#details">More...</a></p>
<a name="details" id="details"></a><h2 class="groupheader">Detailed Description</h2>
<div class="textblock"><p>This type contains one value parsed from the CBOR stream. </p>
<p>Each <a class="el" href="a00065.html" title="This type contains one value parsed from the CBOR stream. ">CborValue</a> behaves as an iterator in a StAX-style parser. </p>
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