TinyCBOR release 0.5.0

TinyCBOR 0.5 contains numerous fixes and new API compared to 0.4. The
main feature in this release is the CBOR Validation API, which can be
used to perform a deeper validation of the contents than the simple
syntax correctness that the main parser API provides. In particular, the
API can be used to confirm that a given CBOR data type was encoded using
either the Canonical Format (RFC 7049 section 3.9) and the Strict Mode
(section 3.10). The API can also be used to confirm CBOR Text Strings
carry properly-encoded UTF-8 text, a verification that the main parser
does not perform.

Starting in this release, the TINYCBOR_VERSION macro will be defined to
the current version number.

This release also has the possibility of building TinyCBOR as a shared
library on Unix systems. It is automatically enabled on systems detected
to use the ELF executable format. To disable it, pass BUILD_SHARED=0 to
make; to enable it on other systems, pass BUILD_SHARED=1. To disable the
static library, pass BUILD_STATIC=0 to make. Note that TinyCBOR does not
guarantee binary compatibility across releases.

Other relevant changes include:

 - The list of known tags includes the tags used for CBOR Object Signing
   and Encryption (COSE - RFC 8152).
 - The functions taking FILE* are now conditional on a hosted C
   environment. They are not declared for freestanding C environments.

Note: the zero-copy string functions announced with the 0.5-beta1
release have been removed for further development. A new zery-copy
string access API will be provided in the 0.6 release.

The project maintainer would like to thank the following people for
contributing to this release:
 Bertrand Roussel
 George Nash
 Erich Keane
 Fabrice Fontaine
 Vipul Rahane

Signed-off-by: Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira@intel.com>
Add a script to make docs in Travis

This also stores the current library sizes (in -Os / -Oz build modes)
for each branch,

Signed-off-by: Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira@intel.com>
4 files changed