TinyCBOR release 0.6

TinyCBOR 0.6 contains many changes developed over the past four years,
which have been included in Qt releases.

Notable new API:
- Support for encoding and decoding half-precision floating points
  (cbor_encode_float_as_half_float and cbor_value_get_half_float_as_float)
  which convert to and from a single-precision float to the correct 16-bit
- Ability to restart parsing (cbor_value_reparse)

And some experimental API:
- Parsing and encoding using delegated functions, not just a buffer
  (cbor_encoder_init_writer and cbor_parser_init_reader)
- Parser support for iterating over string chunks

The project maintainer would like to thank the following people for
contributing to this release and to bugfixes in the 0.5 branch:
    Alexander Richardson
    Andreas Zisowsky
    Dan Church
    Dmitry Shachnev
    Fabrice Fontaine
    Hamilton Chapman
    Koen Zandberg
    Konstantin Yegupov
    Maciej Jurczak
    Mahavir Jain
    MÃ¥rten Nordheim
    Michael Richardson
    Pedro Oliveira
    Ricardo Crudo
    Sergio Martins
    Shubham Patil
    Stewart Gebbie
    Svyatoslav Phirsov

Signed-off-by: Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira@intel.com>
Parser: fix reading it->extra on big endian when bytesNeeded == 1

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shachnev <mitya57@gmail.com>
1 file changed