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import sys
import chardet
except ImportError:
import warnings
import charset_normalizer as chardet
warnings.filterwarnings("ignore", "Trying to detect", module="charset_normalizer")
# This code exists for backwards compatibility reasons.
# I don't like it either. Just look the other way. :)
for package in ("urllib3", "idna"):
locals()[package] = __import__(package)
# This traversal is apparently necessary such that the identities are
# preserved (requests.packages.urllib3.* is urllib3.*)
for mod in list(sys.modules):
if mod == package or mod.startswith(f"{package}."):
sys.modules[f"requests.packages.{mod}"] = sys.modules[mod]
target = chardet.__name__
for mod in list(sys.modules):
if mod == target or mod.startswith(f"{target}."):
imported_mod = sys.modules[mod]
sys.modules[f"requests.packages.{mod}"] = imported_mod
mod = mod.replace(target, "chardet")
sys.modules[f"requests.packages.{mod}"] = imported_mod
# Kinda cool, though, right?