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# -*- encoding: utf-8
import sys
import pytest
from import info
@pytest.mark.skipif(sys.version_info[:2] != (2,6), reason="Only run on Python 2.6")
def test_system_ssl_py26():
"""OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER isn't provided in Python 2.6, verify we don't
blow up in this case.
assert info()['system_ssl'] == {'version': ''}
@pytest.mark.skipif(sys.version_info < (2,7), reason="Only run on Python 2.7+")
def test_system_ssl():
"""Verify we're actually setting system_ssl when it should be available."""
assert info()['system_ssl']['version'] != ''
class VersionedPackage(object):
def __init__(self, version):
self.__version__ = version
def test_idna_without_version_attribute(mocker):
"""Older versions of IDNA don't provide a __version__ attribute, verify
that if we have such a package, we don't blow up.
mocker.patch('', new=None)
assert info()['idna'] == {'version': ''}
def test_idna_with_version_attribute(mocker):
"""Verify we're actually setting idna version when it should be available."""
mocker.patch('', new=VersionedPackage('2.6'))
assert info()['idna'] == {'version': '2.6'}