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3.0.0 (2017-xx-xx)
- Support for Python 2.6 has been dropped.
- The ``OrderedDict`` import no longer exists in because it is part
of ``collections`` in Python 2.7 and newer.
- Simplified logic for determining Content-Length and Transfer-Encoding.
Requests will now avoid setting both headers on the same request, and
raise an exception if this is done manually by a user.
- Remove the HTTPProxyAuth class in favor of supporting proxy auth via
the proxies parameter.
- Relax how Requests strips bodies from redirects. 3.0.0 only supports body
removal on 301/302 POST redirects and all 303 redirects.
- Remove support for non-string/bytes parameters in ``_basic_auth_str``.
- Prevent ``Session.merge_environment`` from erroneously setting the
``verify`` parameter to ``None`` instead of ``True``.
- Streaming responses with ``Response.iter_lines`` or ``Response.iter_content``
now requires an encoding to be set if one isn't provided by the server.
- Exception raised during read timeout for ``Response.iter_content`` and
``Response.iter_lines`` changed from ``ConnectionError`` to more
specific ``ReadTimeout``.
- Raise exception if multiple locations are returned during a redirect.
- Update ConnectionPool connections when TLS/SSL settings change.
- Remove simplejson import and only use standard json module.
- Strip surrounding whitespace from urls.
- MissingSchema and InvalidSchema renamed to MissingScheme and InvalidScheme
- Change merge order for environment settings to avoid excluding Session-level
- Encode redirect URIs as latin-1 before performing redirects in Python 3 to
avoid mangling during the requoting process.
- Remove the ``__bool__`` and ``__nonzero__`` methods from a ``Response``
This has been a planned feature for over a year. The behaviour is surprising
to most people and breaks most of the assumptions that people have about
Response objects. This resolves issue `#2002`_
- Skip over empty chunks in iterators. Empty chunks could prematurely signal
the end of a request body's transmission, skipping them allows all of the
data through. See `#2631`_ for more details.
- Rename the ``req`` argument from ``Session.resolve_redirects`` method
to ``request``.
- Rename the ``resp`` argument from ``Session.resolve_redirects`` to
- New ``PreparedRequest.send`` method. Now, you can
- All porcelain API functions (e.g. ``requests.get``, etc) now accept an
optional ``session`` parameter. If provided, the session given will be used
for the request, in place of one being created for you.
- URLs are now automatically stripped of leading/trailing whitespace.
- ``Response.raise_for_status()`` now returns the response object for good responses
.. _#2002:
.. _#2631: