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Fix tracing time format, to report second
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Build Status GoDoc

A set of Go libraries that provide low-level, kubernetes-independent packages supplementing the Go standard libs.


As Kubernetes grows and spins functionality out of its core and into cooperating repositories like apiserver, kubectl, kubeadm, etc., the need arises for leaf repositories to house shared code and avoid cycles in repository relationships.

This repository is intended to hold shared utilities with no Kubernetes dependencies that may be of interest to any Go project. See these instructions for moving an existing package to this repository.

Criteria for adding code here

  • Used by multiple Kubernetes repositories.

  • Complex enough to be worth vendoring, rather than copying (e.g. not 5 LOC).

  • Can be fully exercised by unit tests (e.g. no dependencies on kernels).

  • Has full unit test coverage.

  • Stable, or backward compatible, API, with complete godocs.

  • Go tools compliant (go get, go test, etc.).

  • Very few (ideally zero) external dependencies.

  • No dependencies on any other Kubernetes repository.


Please see for instructions on how to contribute.