How to move a utility pkg from other kubernetes repos

It has 2 steps to move a pkg from other Kubernetes repos to repo:

  • copy the pkg to repo
  • update the import paths and vendor/ in the repos that refer this pkg

Copy the pkg to repo

Copying should preserve all the git history associated with it. Here is a working approach. Note: You may need to use --allow-unrelated-histories if you get error when running git pull following the post above.

Then, you may need to restructure the package to make sure it has the following structure.

├── doc.go                  # Description for this package
├── <utilname1>.go          # utility go file
├── <utilname>_test.go      # go unit tests
└── testing                 # All the testing framework
    └── fake_<utilname>.go  # Testing framework go file

#5 is an example for this step.

Update the repos that refer the pkg

You should update the import paths. Then follow this doc to update vendor/ and Godeps/.

You may want to run make bazel-test to make sure all new references work.

kubernetes/kubernetes#49234 is an example for this step.