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  1. 351c5b3 Use vfs::FileSystem in ASTUnit when creating CompilerInvocation. by Ilya Biryukov · 36 minutes ago master
  2. 48a9f92 Fix crash in clang while handling __has_trivial_destructor. by Karthik Bhat · 7 hours ago
  3. f1a55e9 DiagnosticRenderer.h: Prune \param SM, corresponding to rL306384. [-Wdocumentation] by NAKAMURA Takumi · 9 hours ago
  4. 9b79aec Remove a redundant call to ArgList::hasFlag. NFC. by Vedant Kumar · 14 hours ago
  5. afd3b93 [CodeGen] Fix assertion failure in EmitCallArg. by Akira Hatanaka · 15 hours ago
  6. 5b7d7d2 [COFF, ARM64] Add support for Windows ARM64 COFF format by Mandeep Singh Grang · 16 hours ago
  7. 34efc84 [libclang] Support for querying the exception specification type through libclang by Jonathan Coe · 17 hours ago
  8. 563c0ec [Sema] Allow unmarked overloadable functions. by George Burgess IV · 18 hours ago
  9. f255da2a test: fix test for release builds by Saleem Abdulrasool · 21 hours ago
  10. 004e951 CodeGen: load indirect ObjC ARC arguments in prologue by Saleem Abdulrasool · 21 hours ago
  11. dcdc5a7 Update the test comment to clarify the intention of the test. by Dehao Chen · 22 hours ago
  12. 4b751f5 [x86] weaken test checks that shouldn't be here in the first place by Sanjay Patel · 22 hours ago
  13. 086ae87 Update test for enabling ICP for AutoFDO. by Dehao Chen · 22 hours ago
  14. 5a17e5c [OPENMP] Use MapVector instead of DenseMap for stable codegen, NFC. by Alexey Bataev · 24 hours ago
  15. c18c00d [clang-format] Fix a clang-tidy warning, NFC by Krasimir Georgiev · 26 hours ago
  16. 2f35ace [clang-format] Fix a buildbot failure after r306406 by Krasimir Georgiev · 26 hours ago
  17. ace84ec [clang-format] Support <>-style proto message fields by Krasimir Georgiev · 26 hours ago
  18. 7a2b284 [analyzer] Move zero-size allocation checks to optin.portability. by Artem Dergachev · 28 hours ago
  19. 2d10542 Recommit r306103: PR26195: Set correct NestedNameSpecifierLoc for the by Alex Lorenz · 29 hours ago
  20. 8be210b [clang-format] Add a test for associative map proto buffer fields by Krasimir Georgiev · 30 hours ago