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  1. 70cf0f6 [CodeComplete] Allow getDeclaration on RK_Pattern result. by Eric Liu · 3 hours ago master
  2. 8deba43 Clear properties inadvertantly added to tests in R336379 by Erich Keane · 5 hours ago
  3. cdf04dc Mention clang-cl improvements from r335466 and r336379 in ReleaseNotes.rst by Nico Weber · 6 hours ago
  4. d438ffd [modules] Print input files when -module-file-info file switch is passed. by Vassil Vassilev · 11 hours ago
  5. 7847576 [AArch64] Define TARGET_HEADER_BUILTIN by Martin Storsjo · 12 hours ago
  6. 641d645 Re-land r337333, "Teach Clang to emit address-significance tables.", by Peter Collingbourne · 17 hours ago
  7. 6a156a8 Revert r337333, "Teach Clang to emit address-significance tables." by Peter Collingbourne · 18 hours ago
  8. af6ecdb Teach Clang to emit address-significance tables. by Peter Collingbourne · 19 hours ago
  9. ed683dc Replace LLVM_ALIGNAS with just alignas. by Richard Smith · 20 hours ago
  10. 43554ae Restructure checking for, and warning on, lifetime extension. by Richard Smith · 20 hours ago
  11. 4fbd5c5 [COFF] Add more missing MSVC ARM64 intrinsics by Mandeep Singh Grang · 20 hours ago
  12. 726843d Remove unnecessary trailing ; in macro intrinsic definition. by Eric Christopher · 22 hours ago
  13. 387f78a [analyzer] Fix Z3 backend after D48205 by Mikhail R. Gadelha · 24 hours ago
  14. 2ef9975 clang-cl: Postpone Wmsvc-not-found emission until link.exe gets used. by Nico Weber · 27 hours ago
  15. 2a5e6fd [Fixed Point Arithmetic] Fix for bug where integer literals could be treated as fixed point literals by Leonard Chan · 27 hours ago
  16. e4bc29d Remove superfluous ; to fix -Wpedantic warning from gcc by Nico Weber · 28 hours ago
  17. 5e12144 [Tooling] Add operator== to CompileCommand by Simon Marchi · 28 hours ago
  18. 30ed46c Revert "[Sema] Reword warning for constant captures that are not required" by Benjamin Kramer · 29 hours ago
  19. e018aa4 Always use __mcount on NetBSD. Some platforms don't provide _mcount. by Joerg Sonnenberger · 29 hours ago
  20. 7efce9a [ASTImporter] Fix poisonous structural equivalence cache by Gabor Marton · 29 hours ago