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  1. 06e8147 [X86] CombineShuffleWithExtract - handle cases with different vector extract sources by Simon Pilgrim · 2 hours ago master
  2. 29fd1c2 gn build: Merge r363444 by Nico Weber · 7 hours ago
  3. 0f66944 [X86] CombineShuffleWithExtract - assert all src ops types are multiples of rootsize. NFCI. by Simon Pilgrim · 15 hours ago
  4. 170bbaa [X86][AVX] Handle lane-crossing shuffle(extract_subvector(x,c1),extract_subvector(y,c2),m1) shuffles by Simon Pilgrim · 15 hours ago
  5. 2720bd6 [X86][AVX] Decode constant bits from insert_subvector(c1, c2, c3) by Simon Pilgrim · 17 hours ago
  6. dc0aa24 [NFC][MCA][X86] Add one more 'clear super register' pattern - movss/movsd load clears high XMM bits by Roman Lebedev · 18 hours ago
  7. fb0a468 [NFC][MCA][X86] Add baseline test coverage for AMD Barcelona (aka K10, fam10h) by Roman Lebedev · 18 hours ago
  8. 42e2da7 [Clang] Harmonize Split DWARF options with llc by Aaron Puchert · 18 hours ago
  9. f8a4e52 [PowerPC] Set the innermost hot loop to align 32 bytes by Kang Zhang · 19 hours ago
  10. 9e1cb66 [clang] Add storage for APValue in ConstantExpr by Gauthier Harnisch · 23 hours ago
  11. dc69eb3 [BranchProbability] Delete a redundant overflow check by Fangrui Song · 24 hours ago
  12. b435405 [SCEV] Use unsigned/signed intersection type in SCEV by Nikita Popov · 25 hours ago
  13. bf4a9f7 [SimplifyIndVar] Simplify non-overflowing saturating add/sub by Nikita Popov · 25 hours ago
  14. 5eaae6c [RISCV] Regenerate remat.ll and atomic-rmw.ll after D43256 by Fangrui Song · 26 hours ago
  15. c5ac9ab [RISCV] Simplify RISCVAsmBackend::writeNopData(). NFC by Fangrui Song · 28 hours ago
  16. 1f1f241 [objcopy] Error when --preserve-dates is specified with standard streams by Alex Brachet · 28 hours ago
  17. d71bd8d adding more fmf propagation for selects plus updated tests by Michael Berg · 29 hours ago
  18. 118986b Revert "adding more fmf propagation for selects plus tests" by Fangrui Song · 30 hours ago
  19. 34a2768 [InstCombine] Add tests to show missing fold opportunity for "icmp and shift" (nfc). by Huihui Zhang · 33 hours ago
  20. daecbab Reapply "GlobalISel: Avoid producing Illegal copies in RegBankSelect" by Matt Arsenault · 33 hours ago