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include "llvm/Option/"
def help : Flag<["-", "--"], "help">;
def h : Flag<["-"], "h">, Alias<help>;
def version : Flag<["-", "--"], "version">,
HelpText<"Print the version and exit.">;
def segalign
: MultiArg<["-", "--"], "segalign", 2>,
HelpText<"Specifies the segment alignment for the specified "
"architecture when creating a universal binary file. The "
"alignment is a hexadecimal number that is a power of 2.">;
def arch
: MultiArg<["-", "--"], "arch", 2>,
HelpText<"Specifies the architecture and the corresponding input file">;
def action_group : OptionGroup<"action group">;
def verify_arch
: Option<["-", "--"], "verify_arch", KIND_REMAINING_ARGS>,
"Verify that the specified arch_types are present in the input file">;
def archs : Option<["-", "--"], "archs", KIND_FLAG>,
HelpText<"Display the arch_types present in the input file">;
def info : Option<["-", "--"], "info", KIND_FLAG>,
HelpText<"Display descriptions of each input file including "
"filename and arch_types. Groups universal binaries "
"together followed by thin files">;
def thin : Option<["-", "--"], "thin", KIND_SEPARATE>,
HelpText<"Create a thin output file of specified arch_type from the "
"fat input file. Requires -output option">;
def create : Option<["-", "--"], "create", KIND_FLAG>,
HelpText<"Create a universal binary output file from the input "
"files. Requires -output option">;
def replace
: MultiArg<["-", "--"], "replace", 2>,
HelpText<"Replace the specified arch type with the contents of the "
"input_file in a universal binary. Requires -output option">;
def output : Option<["-", "--"], "output", KIND_SEPARATE>,
HelpText<"Create output file with specified name">;
def o : JoinedOrSeparate<["-"], "o">, Alias<output>;