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//===- XCOFFObjectFile.h - XCOFF object file implementation -----*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file declares the XCOFFObjectFile class.
#include "llvm/BinaryFormat/XCOFF.h"
#include "llvm/Object/ObjectFile.h"
namespace llvm {
namespace object {
struct XCOFFFileHeader32 {
support::ubig16_t Magic;
support::ubig16_t NumberOfSections;
// Unix time value, value of 0 indicates no timestamp.
// Negative values are reserved.
support::big32_t TimeStamp;
support::ubig32_t SymbolTableOffset; // File offset to symbol table.
support::big32_t NumberOfSymTableEntries;
support::ubig16_t AuxHeaderSize;
support::ubig16_t Flags;
struct XCOFFFileHeader64 {
support::ubig16_t Magic;
support::ubig16_t NumberOfSections;
// Unix time value, value of 0 indicates no timestamp.
// Negative values are reserved.
support::big32_t TimeStamp;
support::ubig64_t SymbolTableOffset; // File offset to symbol table.
support::ubig16_t AuxHeaderSize;
support::ubig16_t Flags;
support::ubig32_t NumberOfSymTableEntries;
struct XCOFFSectionHeader32 {
char Name[XCOFF::NameSize];
support::ubig32_t PhysicalAddress;
support::ubig32_t VirtualAddress;
support::ubig32_t SectionSize;
support::ubig32_t FileOffsetToRawData;
support::ubig32_t FileOffsetToRelocationInfo;
support::ubig32_t FileOffsetToLineNumberInfo;
support::ubig16_t NumberOfRelocations;
support::ubig16_t NumberOfLineNumbers;
support::big32_t Flags;
StringRef getName() const;
struct XCOFFSectionHeader64 {
char Name[XCOFF::NameSize];
support::ubig64_t PhysicalAddress;
support::ubig64_t VirtualAddress;
support::ubig64_t SectionSize;
support::big64_t FileOffsetToRawData;
support::big64_t FileOffsetToRelocationInfo;
support::big64_t FileOffsetToLineNumberInfo;
support::ubig32_t NumberOfRelocations;
support::ubig32_t NumberOfLineNumbers;
support::big32_t Flags;
char Padding[4];
StringRef getName() const;
struct XCOFFSymbolEntry {
enum { NAME_IN_STR_TBL_MAGIC = 0x0 };
typedef struct {
support::big32_t Magic; // Zero indicates name in string table.
support::ubig32_t Offset;
} NameInStrTblType;
typedef struct {
uint8_t LanguageId;
uint8_t CpuTypeId;
} CFileLanguageIdAndTypeIdType;
union {
char SymbolName[XCOFF::NameSize];
NameInStrTblType NameInStrTbl;
support::ubig32_t Value; // Symbol value; storage class-dependent.
support::big16_t SectionNumber;
union {
support::ubig16_t SymbolType;
CFileLanguageIdAndTypeIdType CFileLanguageIdAndTypeId;
XCOFF::StorageClass StorageClass;
uint8_t NumberOfAuxEntries;
struct XCOFFStringTable {
uint32_t Size;
const char *Data;
struct XCOFFCsectAuxEnt32 {
SectionOrLength; // If the symbol type is XTY_SD or XTY_CM, the csect
// length.
// If the symbol type is XTY_LD, the symbol table
// index of the containing csect.
// If the symbol type is XTY_ER, 0.
support::ubig32_t ParameterHashIndex;
support::ubig16_t TypeChkSectNum;
uint8_t SymbolAlignmentAndType;
XCOFF::StorageMappingClass StorageMappingClass;
support::ubig32_t StabInfoIndex;
support::ubig16_t StabSectNum;
struct XCOFFFileAuxEnt {
typedef struct {
support::big32_t Magic; // Zero indicates name in string table.
support::ubig32_t Offset;
char NamePad[XCOFF::FileNamePadSize];
} NameInStrTblType;
union {
char Name[XCOFF::NameSize + XCOFF::FileNamePadSize];
NameInStrTblType NameInStrTbl;
XCOFF::CFileStringType Type;
uint8_t ReservedZeros[2];
uint8_t AuxType; // 64-bit XCOFF file only.
struct XCOFFSectAuxEntForStat {
support::ubig32_t SectionLength;
support::ubig16_t NumberOfRelocEnt;
support::ubig16_t NumberOfLineNum;
uint8_t Pad[10];
struct XCOFFRelocation32 {
// Masks for packing/unpacking the r_rsize field of relocations.
// The msb is used to indicate if the bits being relocated are signed or
// unsigned.
static constexpr uint8_t XR_SIGN_INDICATOR_MASK = 0x80;
// The 2nd msb is used to indicate that the binder has replaced/modified the
// original instruction.
static constexpr uint8_t XR_FIXUP_INDICATOR_MASK = 0x40;
// The remaining bits specify the bit length of the relocatable reference
// minus one.
static constexpr uint8_t XR_BIASED_LENGTH_MASK = 0x3f;
support::ubig32_t VirtualAddress;
support::ubig32_t SymbolIndex;
// Packed field, see XR_* masks for details of packing.
uint8_t Info;
XCOFF::RelocationType Type;
bool isRelocationSigned() const;
bool isFixupIndicated() const;
// Returns the number of bits being relocated.
uint8_t getRelocatedLength() const;
class XCOFFObjectFile : public ObjectFile {
const void *FileHeader = nullptr;
const void *SectionHeaderTable = nullptr;
const XCOFFSymbolEntry *SymbolTblPtr = nullptr;
XCOFFStringTable StringTable = {0, nullptr};
const XCOFFFileHeader32 *fileHeader32() const;
const XCOFFFileHeader64 *fileHeader64() const;
const XCOFFSectionHeader32 *sectionHeaderTable32() const;
const XCOFFSectionHeader64 *sectionHeaderTable64() const;
size_t getFileHeaderSize() const;
size_t getSectionHeaderSize() const;
const XCOFFSectionHeader32 *toSection32(DataRefImpl Ref) const;
const XCOFFSectionHeader64 *toSection64(DataRefImpl Ref) const;
uintptr_t getSectionHeaderTableAddress() const;
uintptr_t getEndOfSymbolTableAddress() const;
// This returns a pointer to the start of the storage for the name field of
// the 32-bit or 64-bit SectionHeader struct. This string is *not* necessarily
// null-terminated.
const char *getSectionNameInternal(DataRefImpl Sec) const;
// This function returns string table entry.
Expected<StringRef> getStringTableEntry(uint32_t Offset) const;
static bool isReservedSectionNumber(int16_t SectionNumber);
// Constructor and "create" factory function. The constructor is only a thin
// wrapper around the base constructor. The "create" function fills out the
// XCOFF-specific information and performs the error checking along the way.
XCOFFObjectFile(unsigned Type, MemoryBufferRef Object);
static Expected<std::unique_ptr<XCOFFObjectFile>> create(unsigned Type,
MemoryBufferRef MBR);
// Helper for parsing the StringTable. Returns an 'Error' if parsing failed
// and an XCOFFStringTable if parsing succeeded.
static Expected<XCOFFStringTable> parseStringTable(const XCOFFObjectFile *Obj,
uint64_t Offset);
// Make a friend so it can call the private 'create' function.
friend Expected<std::unique_ptr<ObjectFile>>
ObjectFile::createXCOFFObjectFile(MemoryBufferRef Object, unsigned FileType);
void checkSectionAddress(uintptr_t Addr, uintptr_t TableAddr) const;
// Interface inherited from base classes.
void moveSymbolNext(DataRefImpl &Symb) const override;
uint32_t getSymbolFlags(DataRefImpl Symb) const override;
basic_symbol_iterator symbol_begin() const override;
basic_symbol_iterator symbol_end() const override;
Expected<StringRef> getSymbolName(DataRefImpl Symb) const override;
Expected<uint64_t> getSymbolAddress(DataRefImpl Symb) const override;
uint64_t getSymbolValueImpl(DataRefImpl Symb) const override;
uint64_t getCommonSymbolSizeImpl(DataRefImpl Symb) const override;
Expected<SymbolRef::Type> getSymbolType(DataRefImpl Symb) const override;
Expected<section_iterator> getSymbolSection(DataRefImpl Symb) const override;
void moveSectionNext(DataRefImpl &Sec) const override;
Expected<StringRef> getSectionName(DataRefImpl Sec) const override;
uint64_t getSectionAddress(DataRefImpl Sec) const override;
uint64_t getSectionIndex(DataRefImpl Sec) const override;
uint64_t getSectionSize(DataRefImpl Sec) const override;
getSectionContents(DataRefImpl Sec) const override;
uint64_t getSectionAlignment(DataRefImpl Sec) const override;
bool isSectionCompressed(DataRefImpl Sec) const override;
bool isSectionText(DataRefImpl Sec) const override;
bool isSectionData(DataRefImpl Sec) const override;
bool isSectionBSS(DataRefImpl Sec) const override;
bool isSectionVirtual(DataRefImpl Sec) const override;
relocation_iterator section_rel_begin(DataRefImpl Sec) const override;
relocation_iterator section_rel_end(DataRefImpl Sec) const override;
void moveRelocationNext(DataRefImpl &Rel) const override;
uint64_t getRelocationOffset(DataRefImpl Rel) const override;
symbol_iterator getRelocationSymbol(DataRefImpl Rel) const override;
uint64_t getRelocationType(DataRefImpl Rel) const override;
void getRelocationTypeName(DataRefImpl Rel,
SmallVectorImpl<char> &Result) const override;
section_iterator section_begin() const override;
section_iterator section_end() const override;
uint8_t getBytesInAddress() const override;
StringRef getFileFormatName() const override;
Triple::ArchType getArch() const override;
SubtargetFeatures getFeatures() const override;
Expected<uint64_t> getStartAddress() const override;
bool isRelocatableObject() const override;
// Below here is the non-inherited interface.
bool is64Bit() const;
const XCOFFSymbolEntry *getPointerToSymbolTable() const {
assert(!is64Bit() && "Symbol table handling not supported yet.");
return SymbolTblPtr;
getSymbolSectionName(const XCOFFSymbolEntry *SymEntPtr) const;
const XCOFFSymbolEntry *toSymbolEntry(DataRefImpl Ref) const;
// File header related interfaces.
uint16_t getMagic() const;
uint16_t getNumberOfSections() const;
int32_t getTimeStamp() const;
// Symbol table offset and entry count are handled differently between
// XCOFF32 and XCOFF64.
uint32_t getSymbolTableOffset32() const;
uint64_t getSymbolTableOffset64() const;
// Note that this value is signed and might return a negative value. Negative
// values are reserved for future use.
int32_t getRawNumberOfSymbolTableEntries32() const;
// The sanitized value appropriate to use as an index into the symbol table.
uint32_t getLogicalNumberOfSymbolTableEntries32() const;
uint32_t getNumberOfSymbolTableEntries64() const;
uint32_t getSymbolIndex(uintptr_t SymEntPtr) const;
Expected<StringRef> getSymbolNameByIndex(uint32_t SymbolTableIndex) const;
Expected<StringRef> getCFileName(const XCOFFFileAuxEnt *CFileEntPtr) const;
uint16_t getOptionalHeaderSize() const;
uint16_t getFlags() const;
// Section header table related interfaces.
ArrayRef<XCOFFSectionHeader32> sections32() const;
ArrayRef<XCOFFSectionHeader64> sections64() const;
int32_t getSectionFlags(DataRefImpl Sec) const;
Expected<DataRefImpl> getSectionByNum(int16_t Num) const;
void checkSymbolEntryPointer(uintptr_t SymbolEntPtr) const;
// Relocation-related interfaces.
getLogicalNumberOfRelocationEntries(const XCOFFSectionHeader32 &Sec) const;
relocations(const XCOFFSectionHeader32 &) const;
}; // XCOFFObjectFile
class XCOFFSymbolRef {
const DataRefImpl SymEntDataRef;
const XCOFFObjectFile *const OwningObjectPtr;
XCOFFSymbolRef(DataRefImpl SymEntDataRef,
const XCOFFObjectFile *OwningObjectPtr)
: SymEntDataRef(SymEntDataRef), OwningObjectPtr(OwningObjectPtr){};
XCOFF::StorageClass getStorageClass() const;
uint8_t getNumberOfAuxEntries() const;
const XCOFFCsectAuxEnt32 *getXCOFFCsectAuxEnt32() const;
uint16_t getType() const;
int16_t getSectionNumber() const;
bool hasCsectAuxEnt() const;
bool isFunction() const;
} // namespace object
} // namespace llvm