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//===- FuzzerFlags.def - Run-time flags -------------------------*- C++ -* ===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// Flags. FUZZER_FLAG_INT/FUZZER_FLAG_STRING macros should be defined at the
// point of inclusion. We are not using any flag parsing library for better
// portability and independence.
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(verbosity, 1, "Verbosity level.")
FUZZER_FLAG_UNSIGNED(seed, 0, "Random seed. If 0, seed is generated.")
"Number of individual test runs (-1 for infinite runs).")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(max_len, 64, "Maximum length of the test input.")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(cross_over, 1, "If 1, cross over inputs.")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(mutate_depth, 5,
"Apply this number of consecutive mutations to each input.")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(shuffle, 1, "Shuffle inputs at startup")
prefer_small_during_initial_shuffle, -1,
"If 1, always prefer smaller inputs during the initial corpus shuffle."
" If 0, never do that. If -1, do it sometimes.")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(exit_on_first, 0,
"If 1, exit after the first new interesting input is found.")
timeout, 1200,
"Timeout in seconds (if positive). "
"If one unit runs more than this number of seconds the process will abort.")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(max_total_time, 0, "If positive, indicates the maximal total "
"time in seconds to run the fuzzer.")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(help, 0, "Print help.")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(save_minimized_corpus, 0, "Deprecated. Use -merge=1")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(merge, 0, "If 1, the 2-nd, 3-rd, etc corpora will be "
"merged into the 1-st corpus. Only interesting units will be taken.")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(use_counters, 1, "Use coverage counters")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(use_indir_calls, 1, "Use indirect caller-callee counters")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(use_traces, 0, "Experimental: use instruction traces")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(jobs, 0, "Number of jobs to run. If jobs >= 1 we spawn"
" this number of jobs in separate worker processes"
" with stdout/stderr redirected to fuzz-JOB.log.")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(workers, 0,
"Number of simultaneous worker processes to run the jobs."
" If zero, \"min(jobs,NumberOfCpuCores()/2)\" is used.")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(reload, 1,
"Reload the main corpus periodically to get new units"
" discovered by other processes.")
FUZZER_FLAG_STRING(sync_command, "Execute an external command "
"\"<sync_command> <test_corpus>\" "
"to synchronize the test corpus.")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(sync_timeout, 600, "Minimum timeout between syncs.")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(report_slow_units, 10,
"Report slowest units if they run for more than this number of seconds.")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(only_ascii, 0,
"If 1, generate only ASCII (isprint+isspace) inputs.")
FUZZER_FLAG_STRING(dict, "Experimental. Use the dictionary file.")
FUZZER_FLAG_STRING(test_single_input, "Use specified file as test input.")
FUZZER_FLAG_STRING(artifact_prefix, "Write fuzzing artifacts (crash, "
"timeout, or slow inputs) as "
"Write the single artifact on failure (crash, timeout) "
"as $(exact_artifact_path). This overrides -artifact_prefix "
"and will not use checksum in the file name. Do not "
"use the same path for several parallel processes.")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(drill, 0, "Experimental: fuzz using a single unit as the seed "
"corpus, then merge with the initial corpus")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(output_csv, 0, "Enable pulse output in CSV format.")
FUZZER_FLAG_INT(print_new_cov_pcs, 0, "If 1, print out new covered pcs.")