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//===- Call codegen support -*- tablegen -*-
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
/// \file
/// \brief WebAssembly Call operand code-gen constructs.
// TODO: addr64: These currently assume the callee address is 32-bit.
let Defs = [ARGUMENTS] in {
// Call sequence markers. These have an immediate which represents the amount of
// stack space to allocate or free, which is used for varargs lowering.
let Uses = [SP32, SP64], Defs = [SP32, SP64], isCodeGenOnly = 1 in {
def ADJCALLSTACKDOWN : I<(outs), (ins i32imm:$amt),
[(WebAssemblycallseq_start timm:$amt)]>;
def ADJCALLSTACKUP : I<(outs), (ins i32imm:$amt, i32imm:$amt2),
[(WebAssemblycallseq_end timm:$amt, timm:$amt2)]>;
} // isCodeGenOnly = 1
multiclass CALL<WebAssemblyRegClass vt, string prefix> {
def CALL_#vt : I<(outs vt:$dst), (ins i32imm:$callee, variable_ops),
[(set vt:$dst, (WebAssemblycall1 (i32 imm:$callee)))],
!strconcat(prefix, "call\t$dst, $callee")>;
def CALL_INDIRECT_#vt : I<(outs vt:$dst), (ins I32:$callee, variable_ops),
[(set vt:$dst, (WebAssemblycall1 I32:$callee))],
!strconcat(prefix, "call_indirect\t$dst, $callee")>;
let Uses = [SP32, SP64], isCall = 1 in {
defm : CALL<I32, "i32.">;
defm : CALL<I64, "i64.">;
defm : CALL<F32, "f32.">;
defm : CALL<F64, "f64.">;
def CALL_VOID : I<(outs), (ins i32imm:$callee, variable_ops),
[(WebAssemblycall0 (i32 imm:$callee))],
"call \t$callee">;
def CALL_INDIRECT_VOID : I<(outs), (ins I32:$callee, variable_ops),
[(WebAssemblycall0 I32:$callee)],
} // Uses = [SP32,SP64], isCall = 1
} // Defs = [ARGUMENTS]
// Patterns for matching a direct call to a global address.
def : Pat<(i32 (WebAssemblycall1 (WebAssemblywrapper tglobaladdr:$callee))),
(CALL_I32 tglobaladdr:$callee)>;
def : Pat<(i64 (WebAssemblycall1 (WebAssemblywrapper tglobaladdr:$callee))),
(CALL_I64 tglobaladdr:$callee)>;
def : Pat<(f32 (WebAssemblycall1 (WebAssemblywrapper tglobaladdr:$callee))),
(CALL_F32 tglobaladdr:$callee)>;
def : Pat<(f64 (WebAssemblycall1 (WebAssemblywrapper tglobaladdr:$callee))),
(CALL_F64 tglobaladdr:$callee)>;
def : Pat<(WebAssemblycall0 (WebAssemblywrapper tglobaladdr:$callee)),
(CALL_VOID tglobaladdr:$callee)>;
// Patterns for matching a direct call to an external symbol.
def : Pat<(i32 (WebAssemblycall1 (WebAssemblywrapper texternalsym:$callee))),
(CALL_I32 texternalsym:$callee)>;
def : Pat<(i64 (WebAssemblycall1 (WebAssemblywrapper texternalsym:$callee))),
(CALL_I64 texternalsym:$callee)>;
def : Pat<(f32 (WebAssemblycall1 (WebAssemblywrapper texternalsym:$callee))),
(CALL_F32 texternalsym:$callee)>;
def : Pat<(f64 (WebAssemblycall1 (WebAssemblywrapper texternalsym:$callee))),
(CALL_F64 texternalsym:$callee)>;
def : Pat<(WebAssemblycall0 (WebAssemblywrapper texternalsym:$callee)),
(CALL_VOID texternalsym:$callee)>;