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=head1 NAME
llvm-nm - list LLVM bitcode file's symbol table
B<llvm-nm> [I<options>] [I<filenames...>]
The B<llvm-nm> utility lists the names of symbols from the LLVM bitcode files,
or B<ar> archives containing LLVM bitcode files, named on the command line.
Each symbol is listed along with some simple information about its provenance.
If no file name is specified, or I<-> is used as a file name, B<llvm-nm> will
process a bitcode file on its standard input stream.
B<llvm-nm>'s default output format is the traditional BSD B<nm> output format.
Each such output record consists of an (optional) 8-digit hexadecimal address,
followed by a type code character, followed by a name, for each symbol. One
record is printed per line; fields are separated by spaces. When the address is
omitted, it is replaced by 8 spaces.
Type code characters currently supported, and their meanings, are as follows:
=item U
Named object is referenced but undefined in this bitcode file
=item C
Common (multiple definitions link together into one def)
=item W
Weak reference (multiple definitions link together into zero or one definitions)
=item t
Local function (text) object
=item T
Global function (text) object
=item d
Local data object
=item D
Global data object
=item ?
Something unrecognizable
Because LLVM bitcode files typically contain objects that are not considered to
have addresses until they are linked into an executable image or dynamically
compiled "just-in-time", B<llvm-nm> does not print an address for any symbol,
even symbols which are defined in the bitcode file.
=head1 OPTIONS
=item B<-P>
Use POSIX.2 output format. Alias for B<--format=posix>.
=item B<-B> (default)
Use BSD output format. Alias for B<--format=bsd>.
=item B<--help>
Print a summary of command-line options and their meanings.
=item B<--defined-only>
Print only symbols defined in this bitcode file (as opposed to
symbols which may be referenced by objects in this file, but not
defined in this file.)
=item B<--extern-only>, B<-g>
Print only symbols whose definitions are external; that is, accessible
from other bitcode files.
=item B<--undefined-only>, B<-u>
Print only symbols referenced but not defined in this bitcode file.
=item B<--format=>I<fmt>, B<-f>
Select an output format; I<fmt> may be I<sysv>, I<posix>, or I<bsd>. The
default is I<bsd>.
=head1 BUGS
B<llvm-nm> cannot demangle C++ mangled names, like GNU B<nm> can.
B<llvm-nm> exits with an exit code of zero.
=head1 SEE ALSO
L<llvm-dis|llvm-dis>, ar(1), nm(1)
=head1 AUTHOR
Maintained by the LLVM Team (L<>).