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=head1 NAME
llvm-ranlib - Generate index for LLVM archive
B<llvm-ranlib> [--version] [--help] <archive-file>
The B<llvm-ranlib> command is similar to the common Unix utility, C<ranlib>. It
adds or updates the symbol table in an LLVM archive file. Note that using the
B<llvm-ar> modifier F<s> is usually more efficient than running B<llvm-ranlib>
which is only provided only for completness and compatibility. Unlike other
implementations of C<ranlib>, B<llvm-ranlib> indexes LLVM bitcode files, not
native object modules. You can list the contents of the symbol table with the
C<llvm-nm -s> command.
=head1 OPTIONS
=item F<archive-file>
Specifies the archive-file to which the symbol table is added or updated.
=item F<--version>
Print the version of B<llvm-ranlib> and exit without building a symbol table.
=item F<--help>
Print usage help for B<llvm-ranlib> and exit without building a symbol table.
If B<llvm-ranlib> succeeds, it will exit with 0. If an error occurs, a non-zero
exit code will be returned.
=head1 SEE ALSO
L<llvm-ar|llvm-ar>, ranlib(1)
=head1 AUTHORS
Maintained by the LLVM Team (L<>).