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//===- ConfigLexer.h - ConfigLexer Declarations -----------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file was developed by Reid Spencer and is distributed under the
// University of Illinois Open Source License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file declares the types and data needed by ConfigLexer.l
#include <string>
#include <istream>
#include <cassert>
namespace llvm {
struct ConfigLexerInfo
int64_t IntegerVal;
std::string StringVal;
bool in_value;
unsigned lineNum;
extern ConfigLexerInfo ConfigLexerState;
class InputProvider {
InputProvider(const std::string& nm) {
name = nm;
errCount = 0;
virtual ~InputProvider();
virtual unsigned read(char *buf, unsigned max_size) = 0;
virtual void error(const std::string& msg);
virtual void checkErrors();
std::string name;
unsigned errCount;
extern InputProvider* ConfigLexerInput;
enum ConfigLexerTokens {
EOFTOK = 0, ///< Returned by Configlex when we hit end of file
EOLTOK, ///< End of line
ERRORTOK, ///< Error token
ARGS_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %args%
BINDIR_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %bindir%
ASSEMBLY, ///< The value "assembly" (and variants)
ASSEMBLER, ///< The name "assembler" (and variants)
BYTECODE, ///< The value "bytecode" (and variants)
COMMAND, ///< The name "command" (and variants)
DEFS_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %defs%
EQUALS, ///< The equals sign, =
FALSETOK, ///< A boolean false value (false/no/off)
FOPTS_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %fOpts%
IN_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %in%
INCLS_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %incls%
INTEGER, ///< An integer
LANG, ///< The name "lang" (and variants)
LIBDIR_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %libdir%
LIBPATHS, ///< The name "libpaths" (and variants)
LIBS, ///< The name "libs" (and variants)
LIBS_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %libs%
LINKER, ///< The name "linker" (and variants)
LLVMGCCDIR_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %llvmgccdir%
LLVMGCCARCH_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %llvmgccarch%
LLVMGCC_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %llvmgcc%
LLVMGXX_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %llvmgxx%
LLVMCC1_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %llvmcc1%
LLVMCC1PLUS_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %llvmcc1plus%
MOPTS_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %Mopts%
NAME, ///< The name "name" (and variants)
OPT_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %opt%
OPTIMIZER, ///< The name "optimizer" (and variants)
OPTION, ///< A command line option
OPT1, ///< The name "opt1" (and variants)
OPT2, ///< The name "opt2" (and variants)
OPT3, ///< The name "opt3" (and variants)
OPT4, ///< The name "opt4" (and variants)
OPT5, ///< The name "opt5" (and variants)
OUT_SUBST, ///< The output substitution item %out%
OUTPUT, ///< The name "output" (and variants)
PREPROCESSES, ///< The name "preprocesses" (and variants)
PREPROCESSOR, ///< The name "preprocessor" (and variants)
REQUIRED, ///< The name "required" (and variants)
SEPARATOR, ///< A configuration item separator
SPACE, ///< Space between options
STATS_SUBST, ///< The stats substitution item %stats%
STRING, ///< A quoted string
TARGET_SUBST, ///< The substitition item %target%
TIME_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %time%
TRANSLATES, ///< The name "translates" (and variants)
TRANSLATOR, ///< The name "translator" (and variants)
TRUETOK, ///< A boolean true value (true/yes/on)
VERBOSE_SUBST, ///< The substitution item %verbose%
VERSION_TOK, ///< The name "version" (and variants)
WOPTS_SUBST ///< The %WOpts% substitution
extern ConfigLexerTokens Configlex();