[clang] perform semantic checking in constant context

Since the addition of __builtin_is_constant_evaluated the result of an expression can change based on whether it is evaluated in constant context. a lot of semantic checking performs evaluations with out specifying context. which can lead to wrong diagnostics.
for example:
constexpr int i0 = (long long)__builtin_is_constant_evaluated() * (1ll << 33); //#1
constexpr int i1 = (long long)!__builtin_is_constant_evaluated() * (1ll << 33); //#2
before the patch, #2 was diagnosed incorrectly and #1 wasn't diagnosed.
after the patch #1 is diagnosed as it should and #2 isn't.

 - add a flag to Sema to passe in constant context mode.
 - in SemaChecking.cpp calls to Expr::Evaluate* are now done in constant context when they should.
 - in SemaChecking.cpp diagnostics for UB are not checked for in constant context because an error will be emitted by the constant evaluator.
 - in SemaChecking.cpp diagnostics for construct that cannot appear in constant context are not checked for in constant context.
 - in SemaChecking.cpp diagnostics on constant expression are always emitted because constant expression are always evaluated.
 - semantic checking for initialization of constexpr variables is now done in constant context.
 - adapt test that were depending on warning changes.
 - add test.

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