[NewPM] Port Sancov

This patch contains a port of SanitizerCoverage to the new pass manager. This one's a bit hefty.


- Split SanitizerCoverageModule into 2 SanitizerCoverage for passing over
  functions and ModuleSanitizerCoverage for passing over modules.
- ModuleSanitizerCoverage exists for adding 2 module level calls to initialization
  functions but only if there's a function that was instrumented by sancov.
- Added legacy and new PM wrapper classes that own instances of the 2 new classes.
- Update llvm tests and add clang tests.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D62888

llvm-svn: 365838
40 files changed
tree: 2d2827d336ffa7ca7db5066ad5302252da1ac20e
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