Cleanup fixed form sizes.

The fix form sizes use to have two arrays: one for 4 byte addresses and in for 8 byte addresses. The table had an issue where DW_FORM_flag_present wasn't being represented as a fixed size form because its actual size _is_ zero and zero was used to indicate the form isn't fixed in size. Any code that needed to quickly access the DWARF had to get a FixedFormSizes instance using the address byte size.

This fix cleans things up by adding a DWARFFormValue::GetFixedSize() both as a static method and as a member function on DWARFFormValue. It correctly can indicate if a form size is zero. This cleanup is a precursor to a follow up patch where I hope to speed up DWARF parsing.

I verified performance doesn't regress by loading hundreds of DWARF files and setting a breakpoint by file and line and by name in files that do not have DWARF indexes. Performance remained consistent between the two approaches.

Differential Revision:

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