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RUN: rm -rf %t && mkdir %t
# Check --global-hex-value-regex.
RUN: cp %S/Inputs/global-hex-value-regex.c %t/test.c
RUN: %update_cc_test_checks %t/test.c --check-globals \
RUN: --global-value-regex "foo\..*" "bar\..*" \
RUN: --global-hex-value-regex ".*\.hex"
RUN: diff -u %S/Inputs/global-hex-value-regex.c.expected %t/test.c
# Check that the generated directives actually work correctly.
RUN: cp %S/Inputs/lit.cfg.example %t/lit.cfg
# Show lit failures while avoiding confusing FileCheck input dump nesting.
RUN: %lit %t
# Lit was successful. Sanity-check the results with deterministic test order.
RUN: rm %t/.lit_test_times.txt
RUN: %lit %t 2>&1 | FileCheck %s
CHECK: Testing: 1 tests
CHECK: PASS: {{.*}} test.c