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.. title:: clang-tidy - android-comparison-in-temp-failure-retry
Diagnoses comparisons that appear to be incorrectly placed in the argument to
the ``TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY`` macro. Having such a use is incorrect in the vast
majority of cases, and will often silently defeat the purpose of the
For context, ``TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY`` is `a convenience macro
provided by both glibc and Bionic. Its purpose is to repeatedly run a syscall
until it either succeeds, or fails for reasons other than being interrupted.
Example buggy usage looks like:
.. code-block:: c
char cs[1];
while (TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY(read(STDIN_FILENO, cs, sizeof(cs)) != 0)) {
// Do something with cs.
Because TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY will check for whether the result *of the comparison*
is ``-1``, and retry if so.
If you encounter this, the fix is simple: lift the comparison out of the
``TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY`` argument, like so:
.. code-block:: c
char cs[1];
while (TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY(read(STDIN_FILENO, cs, sizeof(cs))) != 0) {
// Do something with cs.