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//===-- ProcessMachCore.h ---------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#ifndef liblldb_ProcessMachCore_h_
#define liblldb_ProcessMachCore_h_
#include <list>
#include <vector>
#include "lldb/Target/Process.h"
#include "lldb/Utility/ConstString.h"
#include "lldb/Utility/Status.h"
class ThreadKDP;
class ProcessMachCore : public lldb_private::Process {
// Constructors and Destructors
ProcessMachCore(lldb::TargetSP target_sp, lldb::ListenerSP listener,
const lldb_private::FileSpec &core_file);
~ProcessMachCore() override;
static lldb::ProcessSP
CreateInstance(lldb::TargetSP target_sp, lldb::ListenerSP listener,
const lldb_private::FileSpec *crash_file_path);
static void Initialize();
static void Terminate();
static lldb_private::ConstString GetPluginNameStatic();
static const char *GetPluginDescriptionStatic();
// Check if a given Process
bool CanDebug(lldb::TargetSP target_sp,
bool plugin_specified_by_name) override;
// Creating a new process, or attaching to an existing one
lldb_private::Status DoLoadCore() override;
lldb_private::DynamicLoader *GetDynamicLoader() override;
// PluginInterface protocol
lldb_private::ConstString GetPluginName() override;
uint32_t GetPluginVersion() override;
// Process Control
lldb_private::Status DoDestroy() override;
void RefreshStateAfterStop() override;
// Process Queries
bool IsAlive() override;
bool WarnBeforeDetach() const override;
// Process Memory
size_t ReadMemory(lldb::addr_t addr, void *buf, size_t size,
lldb_private::Status &error) override;
size_t DoReadMemory(lldb::addr_t addr, void *buf, size_t size,
lldb_private::Status &error) override;
GetMemoryRegionInfo(lldb::addr_t load_addr,
lldb_private::MemoryRegionInfo &region_info) override;
lldb::addr_t GetImageInfoAddress() override;
friend class ThreadMachCore;
void Clear();
bool UpdateThreadList(lldb_private::ThreadList &old_thread_list,
lldb_private::ThreadList &new_thread_list) override;
lldb_private::ObjectFile *GetCoreObjectFile();
bool GetDynamicLoaderAddress(lldb::addr_t addr);
enum CorefilePreference { eUserProcessCorefile, eKernelCorefile };
/// If a core file can be interpreted multiple ways, this establishes
/// which style wins.
/// If a core file contains both a kernel binary and a user-process
/// dynamic loader, lldb needs to pick one over the other. This could
/// be a kernel corefile that happens to have a copy of dyld in its
/// memory. Or it could be a user process coredump of lldb while doing
/// kernel debugging - so a copy of the kernel is in its heap. This
/// should become a setting so it can be over-ridden when necessary.
CorefilePreference GetCorefilePreference() {
// For now, if both user process and kernel binaries a present,
// assume this is a kernel coredump which has a copy of a user
// process dyld in one of its pages.
return eKernelCorefile;
// For ProcessMachCore only
typedef lldb_private::Range<lldb::addr_t, lldb::addr_t> FileRange;
typedef lldb_private::RangeDataVector<lldb::addr_t, lldb::addr_t, FileRange>
typedef lldb_private::RangeDataVector<lldb::addr_t, lldb::addr_t, uint32_t>
VMRangeToFileOffset m_core_aranges;
VMRangeToPermissions m_core_range_infos;
lldb::ModuleSP m_core_module_sp;
lldb_private::FileSpec m_core_file;
lldb::addr_t m_dyld_addr;
lldb::addr_t m_mach_kernel_addr;
lldb_private::ConstString m_dyld_plugin_name;
#endif // liblldb_ProcessMachCore_h_