[libc++] Fix deployment target Lit features (#94791)

We were not making any distinction between e.g. the "Apple-flavored"
libc++ built from trunk and the system-provided standard library on
Apple platforms. For example, any test that would be XFAILed on a
back-deployment target would unexpectedly pass when run on that
deployment target against the tip of trunk Apple-flavored libc++. In
reality, that test would be expected to pass because we're running
against the latest libc++, even if it is Apple-flavored.

To solve this issue, we introduce a new feature that describes whether
the Standard Library in use is the one provided by the system by
default, and that notion is different from the underlying standard
library flavor. We also refactor the existing Lit features to make a
distinction between availability markup and the library we're running
against at runtime, which otherwise limit the flexibility of what we can
express in the test suite. Finally, we refactor some of the
back-deployment versions that were incorrect (such as thinking that LLVM
10 was introduced in macOS 11, when in reality macOS 11 was synced with
LLVM 11).

Fixes #82107

GitOrigin-RevId: db8c7e004a8acf74f40e0f7bc60066f26d43ccd9
79 files changed