[libcxx] Add cast to avoid pointer casting warning on Windows (#92738)

This avoids the following build time warning, when building with the
latest nightly Clang:

warning: cast from 'FARPROC' (aka 'int (*)() __attribute__((stdcall))')
'GetSystemTimeAsFileTimePtr' (aka 'void (*)(_FILETIME *)
converts to incompatible function type [-Wcast-function-type-mismatch]

This warning seems to have appeared since Clang commit
999d4f840777bf8de26d45947192aa0728edc0fb, which restructured.

The GetProcAddress function returns a `FARPROC` type, which is `int
(WINAPI *)()`. Directly casting this to another function pointer type
triggers this warning, but casting to a `void*` inbetween avoids this
issue. (On Unix-like platforms, dlsym returns a `void*`, which doesn't
exhibit this casting problem.)

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