[runtimes] Don't link against compiler-rt when we don't find it

Otherwise, we would end up passing `-lNOTFOUND` to the compiler, which
caused various compiler checks to fail and ended up breaking the build
in the most obscure ways. For example, checks for -faligned-allocation
would fail because the compiler would complain about an unknown library
called NOTFOUND, and we would end up not passing -faligned-allocation
anywhere in our build. This is madness.

An even better alternative would be to simply FATAL_ERROR if we don't
find the builtins library. However, it seems like our build has been
working fine without finding it for a while, so instead of making a
bunch of builds fail, we can figure out why linking against compiler-rt
doesn't actually seem to be required in a follow-up, and perhaps
relax that.

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