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Textwrap WebAssembly Demo

An example showing how Textwrap can be used to wrap text in a HTML canvas. Both monospace and proportional fonts can be used since we use the browser to measure the pixel width of each word as it is rendered to the canvas.


  • Live demo: mgeisler.github.io/textwrap/. Here you can try the demo. It is automatically deployed on every merge to the master branch.

  • Source code: examples/wasm/. This is the Rust code which make up the demo. You will also find some JavaScript and HTML glue code.

  • GitHub Action: build.yml. This is the script which compiles and deploys the code. We use wasm-pack to easily compile Textwrap and its dependencies to Wasm.

  • Deployment branch: gh-pages. The compiled Wasm code is pushed to this branch. The branch might be squashed from time to time if it grows too big.