Mirror of Go Windows named pipe library, https://github.com/natefinch/npipe

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!!! This package is now deprecated and not under active development. See the v2 branch in github for the currently supported branch. !!!

A Windows named pipe implementation written in pure Go.

Documentation at http://godoc.org/github.com/natefinch/npipe

Windows Pipe documentation at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa365780

Written for Go 1.1.


  • Deadlines for reading/writing to the connection are only functional in Windows Vista/Server 2008 and above, due to limitations with the Windows API.
  • The pipes support byte mode only (no support for message mode)

How to Build

go get github.com/natefinch/npipe

If you need to add or change the syscalls that have been defined in npipe_windows.go, you'll need to regenerate the z files by running:

$gosource/src/pkg/syscall/mksyscall_windows.pl npipe_windows.go > znpipe_windows_amd64.go $gosource/src/pkg/syscall/mksyscall_windows.pl -l32 npipe_windows.go > znpipe_windows_386.go