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  1. 9f70254 Creating patch files using git format-patch by Paul Nardini · 3 days ago main v10
  2. 9923ab6 Update SBAT to match GRUB2 by Paul Nardini · 4 days ago v9
  3. f34eb7f Update public certificate with new Google-generated public key by Paul Nardini · 7 days ago v8
  4. dc8f032 Add OWNERS file by Ted Brandston · 4 weeks ago
  5. 8a05796 Change shim.cloudready to shim.chromeos by Ted Brandston · 5 weeks ago v7


Build shim in a Docker container.

Makefile targets

Build shim in a Docker container:

make build

Build with the cache turned off to get the full build log:

make build-no-cache

Copy the shim builds from the container to the host:

make copy

View details of the public certificate:

make cert-info

View SBAT section of the shim binaries:

make dump-sbat