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// This file is part of class-dump, a utility for examining the Objective-C segment of Mach-O files.
// Copyright (C) 1997-1998, 2000-2001, 2004-2006 Steve Nygard
#import "CDSymbolTable.h"
#include <mach-o/nlist.h>
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "CDMachOFile.h"
#import "CDSymbol.h"
@implementation CDSymbolTable
- (id)initWithPointer:(const void *)ptr machOFile:(CDMachOFile *)aMachOFile;
if ([super initWithPointer:ptr machOFile:aMachOFile] == nil)
return nil;
symtabCommand = *(struct symtab_command *)ptr;
symbols = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
[self _process];
//NSLog(@"self: %@", self);
return self;
- (void)dealloc;
[symbols release];
[super dealloc];
- (void)_process;
// TODO (2005-07-28): This needs to be converted to handle different byte orderings.
#if 0
//const void *symtab;
const struct nlist *symtab;
const char *strtab;
int index;
NSLog(@" > %s", _cmd);
NSLog(@"symoff: 0x%08x, nsyms: 0x%08x, stroff: 0x%08x, strsize: 0x%08x",
symtabCommand.symoff, symtabCommand.nsyms, symtabCommand.stroff, symtabCommand.strsize);
NSLog(@"symoff: %d, nsyms: %d, stroff: %d, strsize: %d",
symtabCommand.symoff, symtabCommand.nsyms, symtabCommand.stroff, symtabCommand.strsize);
symtab = [[self machOFile] bytesAtOffset:symtabCommand.symoff];
NSLog(@"symtab: %p", symtab);
strtab = [[self machOFile] bytesAtOffset:symtabCommand.stroff];
NSLog(@"strtab: %p", strtab);
// This will produce the same output as 'nm -axp <machofile>'
for (index = 0; index < symtabCommand.nsyms; index++) {
CDSymbol *aSymbol;
#if 0
NSLog(@"n_strx: 0x%08x, n_type: 0x%02x, n_sect: 0x%02x, n_desc: 0x%04x, n_value: 0x%08x",
symtab->n_un.n_strx, symtab->n_type, symtab->n_sect, symtab->n_desc, symtab->n_value);
NSLog(@"n_strx: %s", strtab + symtab->n_un.n_strx);
NSLog(@"%08x %02x %02x %04x %08x %s",
symtab->n_value, symtab->n_type, symtab->n_sect, symtab->n_desc, symtab->n_un.n_strx, strtab + symtab->n_un.n_strx);
aSymbol = [[CDSymbol alloc] initWithPointer:symtab symtab:&symtabCommand machOFile:[self machOFile]];
[symbols addObject:aSymbol];
[aSymbol release];
NSLog(@"symbols: %@", symbols);
//NSLog(@"testing... %08x %08x %08x %08x", strtab[0], strtab[1], strtab[2], strtab[3]);
NSLog(@"< %s", _cmd);
- (unsigned long)symoff;
return symtabCommand.symoff;
- (unsigned long)nsyms;
return symtabCommand.nsyms;
- (unsigned long)stroff;
return symtabCommand.stroff;
- (unsigned long)strsize;
return symtabCommand.strsize;
- (NSString *)extraDescription;
return [NSString stringWithFormat:@"symoff: 0x%08x (%d), nsyms: 0x%08x (%d), stroff: 0x%08x (%d), strsize: 0x%08x (%d)",
symtabCommand.symoff, symtabCommand.symoff, symtabCommand.nsyms, symtabCommand.nsyms,
symtabCommand.stroff, symtabCommand.stroff, symtabCommand.strsize, symtabCommand.strsize];