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// This file is part of class-dump, a utility for examining the Objective-C segment of Mach-O files.
// Copyright (C) 1997-1998, 2000-2001, 2004-2007 Steve Nygard
#import "CDClassDumpVisitor.h"
#include <mach-o/arch.h>
#import "NSArray-Extensions.h"
#import "CDClassDump.h"
#import "CDObjCSegmentProcessor.h"
#import "CDMachOFile.h"
#import "CDOCProtocol.h"
#import "CDDylibCommand.h"
#import "CDOCClass.h"
#import "CDOCCategory.h"
#import "CDSymbolReferences.h"
@implementation CDClassDumpVisitor
- (void)willBeginVisiting;
[super willBeginVisiting];
[classDump appendHeaderToString:resultString];
if ([classDump containsObjectiveCSegments]) {
[classDump appendStructuresToString:resultString symbolReferences:nil];
//[resultString appendString:@"// [structures go here]\n"];
} else {
[resultString appendString:@"This file does not contain any Objective-C runtime information.\n"];
- (void)didEndVisiting;
[super didEndVisiting];
[self writeResultToStandardOutput];
- (void)visitObjectiveCSegment:(CDObjCSegmentProcessor *)anObjCSegment;
CDMachOFile *machOFile;
const NXArchInfo *archInfo;
machOFile = [anObjCSegment machOFile];
[resultString appendString:@"/*\n"];
[resultString appendFormat:@" * File: %@\n", [machOFile filename]];
archInfo = NXGetArchInfoFromCpuType([machOFile cpuType], [machOFile cpuSubtype]);
if (archInfo != NULL)
[resultString appendFormat:@" * Arch: %s (%s)\n", archInfo->description, archInfo->name];
if ([machOFile filetype] == MH_DYLIB) {
CDDylibCommand *identifier;
identifier = [machOFile dylibIdentifier];
if (identifier != nil)
[resultString appendFormat:@" * Current version: %@, Compatibility version: %@\n",
[identifier formattedCurrentVersion], [identifier formattedCompatibilityVersion]];
if ([machOFile hasProtectedSegments]) {
[resultString appendString:@" * (This file has protected segments -- Objective-C information may be missing.\n"];
[resultString appendString:@" * Try dumping a different architecture, or deprotect it first.)\n"];
[resultString appendString:@" */\n\n"];