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# Copyright 2007 Baptiste Lepilleur and The JsonCpp Authors
# Distributed under MIT license, or public domain if desired and
# recognized in your jurisdiction.
# See file LICENSE for detail or copy at
"""Simple implementation of a json test runner to run the test against
from __future__ import print_function
import sys
import os.path
import json
import types
if len(sys.argv) != 2:
print("Usage: %s input-json-file", sys.argv[0])
input_path = sys.argv[1]
base_path = os.path.splitext(input_path)[0]
actual_path = base_path + '.actual'
rewrite_path = base_path + '.rewrite'
rewrite_actual_path = base_path + '.actual-rewrite'
def valueTreeToString(fout, value, path = '.'):
ty = type(value)
if ty is types.DictType:
fout.write('%s={}\n' % path)
suffix = path[-1] != '.' and '.' or ''
names = value.keys()
for name in names:
valueTreeToString(fout, value[name], path + suffix + name)
elif ty is types.ListType:
fout.write('%s=[]\n' % path)
for index, childValue in zip(xrange(0,len(value)), value):
valueTreeToString(fout, childValue, path + '[%d]' % index)
elif ty is types.StringType:
fout.write('%s="%s"\n' % (path,value))
elif ty is types.IntType:
fout.write('%s=%d\n' % (path,value))
elif ty is types.FloatType:
fout.write('%s=%.16g\n' % (path,value))
elif value is True:
fout.write('%s=true\n' % path)
elif value is False:
fout.write('%s=false\n' % path)
elif value is None:
fout.write('%s=null\n' % path)
assert False and "Unexpected value type"
def parseAndSaveValueTree(input, actual_path):
root = json.loads(input)
fout = file(actual_path, 'wt')
valueTreeToString(fout, root)
return root
def rewriteValueTree(value, rewrite_path):
rewrite = json.dumps(value)
#rewrite = rewrite[1:-1] # Somehow the string is quoted ! jsonpy bug ?
file(rewrite_path, 'wt').write(rewrite + '\n')
return rewrite
input = file(input_path, 'rt').read()
root = parseAndSaveValueTree(input, actual_path)
rewrite = rewriteValueTree(json.write(root), rewrite_path)
rewrite_root = parseAndSaveValueTree(rewrite, rewrite_actual_path)