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package configs
type FreezerState string
const (
Undefined FreezerState = ""
Frozen FreezerState = "FROZEN"
Thawed FreezerState = "THAWED"
// TODO Windows: This can be factored out in the future as Cgroups are not
// supported on the Windows platform.
type Cgroup struct {
Name string `json:"name"`
// name of parent cgroup or slice
Parent string `json:"parent"`
// If this is true allow access to any kind of device within the container. If false, allow access only to devices explicitly listed in the allowed_devices list.
AllowAllDevices bool `json:"allow_all_devices"`
AllowedDevices []*Device `json:"allowed_devices"`
DeniedDevices []*Device `json:"denied_devices"`
// Memory limit (in bytes)
Memory int64 `json:"memory"`
// Memory reservation or soft_limit (in bytes)
MemoryReservation int64 `json:"memory_reservation"`
// Total memory usage (memory + swap); set `-1' to disable swap
MemorySwap int64 `json:"memory_swap"`
// Kernel memory limit (in bytes)
KernelMemory int64 `json:"kernel_memory"`
// CPU shares (relative weight vs. other containers)
CpuShares int64 `json:"cpu_shares"`
// CPU hardcap limit (in usecs). Allowed cpu time in a given period.
CpuQuota int64 `json:"cpu_quota"`
// CPU period to be used for hardcapping (in usecs). 0 to use system default.
CpuPeriod int64 `json:"cpu_period"`
// How many time CPU will use in realtime scheduling (in usecs).
CpuRtRuntime int64 `json:"cpu_quota"`
// CPU period to be used for realtime scheduling (in usecs).
CpuRtPeriod int64 `json:"cpu_period"`
// CPU to use
CpusetCpus string `json:"cpuset_cpus"`
// MEM to use
CpusetMems string `json:"cpuset_mems"`
// IO read rate limit per cgroup per device, bytes per second.
BlkioThrottleReadBpsDevice string `json:"blkio_throttle_read_bps_device"`
// IO write rate limit per cgroup per divice, bytes per second.
BlkioThrottleWriteBpsDevice string `json:"blkio_throttle_write_bps_device"`
// IO read rate limit per cgroup per device, IO per second.
BlkioThrottleReadIOpsDevice string `json:"blkio_throttle_read_iops_device"`
// IO write rate limit per cgroup per device, IO per second.
BlkioThrottleWriteIOpsDevice string `json:"blkio_throttle_write_iops_device"`
// Specifies per cgroup weight, range is from 10 to 1000.
BlkioWeight int64 `json:"blkio_weight"`
// Weight per cgroup per device, can override BlkioWeight.
BlkioWeightDevice string `json:"blkio_weight_device"`
// set the freeze value for the process
Freezer FreezerState `json:"freezer"`
// Hugetlb limit (in bytes)
HugetlbLimit []*HugepageLimit `json:"hugetlb_limit"`
// Parent slice to use for systemd TODO: remove in favor or parent
Slice string `json:"slice"`
// Whether to disable OOM Killer
OomKillDisable bool `json:"oom_kill_disable"`
// Tuning swappiness behaviour per cgroup
MemorySwappiness int64 `json:"memory_swappiness"`
// Set priority of network traffic for container
NetPrioIfpriomap []*IfPrioMap `json:"net_prio_ifpriomap"`
// Set class identifier for container's network packets
NetClsClassid string `json:"net_cls_classid"`