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package libcontainer
import (
type Factory interface {
// Creates a new container with the given id and starts the initial process inside it.
// id must be a string containing only letters, digits and underscores and must contain
// between 1 and 1024 characters, inclusive.
// The id must not already be in use by an existing container. Containers created using
// a factory with the same path (and file system) must have distinct ids.
// Returns the new container with a running process.
// errors:
// IdInUse - id is already in use by a container
// InvalidIdFormat - id has incorrect format
// ConfigInvalid - config is invalid
// Systemerror - System error
// On error, any partially created container parts are cleaned up (the operation is atomic).
Create(id string, config *configs.Config) (Container, error)
// Load takes an ID for an existing container and returns the container information
// from the state. This presents a read only view of the container.
// errors:
// Path does not exist
// Container is stopped
// System error
Load(id string) (Container, error)
// StartInitialization is an internal API to libcontainer used during the reexec of the
// container.
// Errors:
// Pipe connection error
// System error
StartInitialization() error
// Type returns info string about factory type (e.g. lxc, libcontainer...)
Type() string