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package configs
type Mount struct {
// Source path for the mount.
Source string `json:"source"`
// Destination path for the mount inside the container.
Destination string `json:"destination"`
// Device the mount is for.
Device string `json:"device"`
// Mount flags.
Flags int `json:"flags"`
// Mount data applied to the mount.
Data string `json:"data"`
// Relabel source if set, "z" indicates shared, "Z" indicates unshared.
Relabel string `json:"relabel"`
// Optional Command to be run before Source is mounted.
PremountCmds []Command `json:"premount_cmds"`
// Optional Command to be run after Source is mounted.
PostmountCmds []Command `json:"postmount_cmds"`
type Command struct {
Path string `json:"path"`
Args []string `json:"args"`
Env []string `json:"env"`
Dir string `json:"dir"`