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package libcontainer
type CriuPageServerInfo struct {
Address string // IP address of CRIU page server
Port int32 // port number of CRIU page server
type VethPairName struct {
ContainerInterfaceName string
HostInterfaceName string
type CriuOpts struct {
ImagesDirectory string // directory for storing image files
WorkDirectory string // directory to cd and write logs/pidfiles/stats to
LeaveRunning bool // leave container in running state after checkpoint
TcpEstablished bool // checkpoint/restore established TCP connections
ExternalUnixConnections bool // allow external unix connections
ShellJob bool // allow to dump and restore shell jobs
FileLocks bool // handle file locks, for safety
PageServer CriuPageServerInfo // allow to dump to criu page server
VethPairs []VethPairName // pass the veth to criu when restore